2 Flavorful Ingredients Every Dieter Needs

2 Flavorful Ingredients Every Dieter NeedsComstockComplete.com

If you’ve been on a diet (or are currently on one), Weight Watchers’ article “10 Foods to Always Have on Hand” will mainly seem familiar. On the list are typical dieter pantry and fridge items: skinless chicken breast, frozen vegetables, whole wheat pasta, etc. But also tucked in there are two out-of-the-ordinary ingredients that will add great flavor to your recipes.

1. Basil leaves

Fragrant basil leaves will add “a touch of class” and “create the illusion that you put more effort into cooking the meal than you really did,” says Weight Watchers. Make a quick pesto to perk up those skinless chicken breasts and whole wheat pasta, or toss basil into a tomato and mozzarella salad. Pesto is also perfect on pizza and as a sandwich spread, packing more punch than mayo and more character than mustard.

2. Chicken sausage

Chicken sausage is lower in calories than pork sausage and often has flavor-boosting ingredients to add punch to soups, sandwiches, eggs, and more. Al Freso makes a delicious line of sausages, with flavors ranging from spinach and artichoke to mango chipotle.

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