7 No Calorie, All-Natural Drinks

Keep hydrated and satisfied with these naturally flavored beverages. No need to calculate calories on any of them!


Honest Tea Just Black Tea or Just Green Tea

These perfectly balanced brews will make you appreciate the subtle flavors in unsweetened teas.  They also have a line of “just a tad sweet” drinks.

Hint Essence Water

Try these 10 delicious varieties of zero calorie waters, including creative flavors like cucumber, honeydew-hibiscus, and pear.

Starbucks Iced Tea

Starbucks iced teas are perfect no-calorie options. You can get any tea flavor iced at Starbucks if you’re willing to wait for it to be brewed. Try the minty Refresh tea, tongue-tingling Passion or their peppery Chai. Buy their tea fliterbags and keep a pitcher of this treat in your fridge at all times.



Pellegrino is the champagne of sparkling mineral waters. The bubbles are so tiny that this liquid can be gulped to quench a really big thirst. An 8-ounce serving also has 4% of your daily needs for calcium. The flavor is much less bitter than a typical unflavored seltzer, though a squeeze of lime is an excellent addition.

Poland Spring Sparkling

With bracing bubbles and absolutely delicious flavors you won’t miss soda at all. Our favorite is is raspberry-lime, with a fresh berry flavor and a hint of lime; other standouts are lemon, lime, and mandarin orange.


This classic sparkling water comes from a spring in the south of France. Available in both lemon and lime flavor, we think the lime is more natural tasting than the lemon, though both are refreshing.

Polar Seltzer

Polar seltzers are the best of the aluminum can varieties. The natural flavors are subtle and the bubbles are small. Creative flavors include pomegranate, vanilla, blueberry and Georgia peach.

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