Easy Ways to Get Your Veggies

Easy Ways to Get Your Veggies© iStockphoto/Thinkstock

If you’re not a veggie lover already, becoming one isn’t going to happen overnight. But with a few simple additions, you can get started toward a healthier diet.

1. Start small

Add an extra serving of green vegetables to your lunch salad or double the tomato and lettuce on your sandwich.

2. Switch your snack

Skip the potato chips (sorry, they don’t count as a vegetable) and reach for sliced bell peppers and hummus. The hearty, satisfying crunch will satisfy that crunchy craving–without the guilt. Also give kale chips a try!

3. Seasonal eating

Food tastes better when it’s in season. And if it tastes good, you’re more likely to keep eating it! Sites like Sustainable Table will give you a listing of what’s best to eat right now in your area.

4. Go global

Try cuisine from a new country–you’ll likely find a variety of great vegetable options. From Greek spanakaopita to Indian palak paneer, you’ll tickle your taste buds and forget that you’re eating vegetables.

5. Slurp your soup

Soup is a perfect way to get your vegetable fix, but it doesn’t have to be boring vegetable soup. Try new varieties like Italian style, Creole gumbo, Korean kimchi stew, or Russian borscht.

6. Say cheese

There’s no need to eat your vegetables plain. It’s perfectly fine to eat your veggies with cheese. Try broccoli with cheddar cheese, beets with goat cheese, or tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella.

7. Have dessert

Grab a slice of pumpkin or sweet potato pie. Just 1/2 cup of either vegetable provides a whole serving of vegetables. Or dip strawberries or bananas in melted dark chocolate.

8. Drink up

Try low-sodium vegetable juices like V8 for an easy, delicious way to drink your vegetables.

9. Get sneaky

Mash turnips or cauliflower with your favorite mashed potato recipe. You won’t be able to taste the difference and you’ll be adding in another serving or two of veggies to your diet.

10. Have fun

Make a game of trying new vegetables and challenge yourself to cook or taste one new vegetable per week. You’ll be the ultimate winner with a more refined palate and a trimmer waistline.

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