How Fast Food Can Give You Dementia

The next time you pull into the drive-thru for a quick meal or snack, do your brain a favor: Order unsweetened iced tea and a salad with grilled-not fried-chicken and a splash of olive-oil vinaigrette. You’ll avoid two big dementia threats that dominate fast-food menu boards.

Saturated fat. In lab studies, Canadian researchers found that diets rich in the saturated fat found in hamburgers, cheese, creamy salad dressings, and milkshakes boosted levels of Alzheimer’s-related brain proteins up to eight times higher than the diets rich in the “good” fats found in fish and nuts.

Sugar. Sweet drinks lowered memory scores and doubled the number of amyloid plaque deposits–a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease-in an American lab study. A great reason to say “no thanks” to soda, sweet tea, and fast-food desserts like cookies and pie.

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