More This, Less That: 3 Healthy Habits to Start, 3 to Quit

More of this:
Cholesterol (both total cholesterol and the bad LDL kind) inches down when people have two or more cups of green tea daily, an analysis of 14 studies showed.

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People who ate more soluble fiber (found in fruit, beans, and oats, among other foods) over a five-year period gained less belly fat — the most dangerous fat for health. For every ten grams of soluble fiber added to a person’s diet, he or she slowed midsection spread by close to 4 percent.

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There are so many health concerns about the flame-retardant chemicals called PBDEs that they’re being phased out in the United States and Europe — but because they’re in computers and office furniture, people still get exposed. New research shows that office workers who wash their hands at least four times a day have one third as much PBDE in their blood as people who wash less often.

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Less of that:
Doctors test too many women for human papillomavirus, a recent study shows. Though some types of the virus can cause cervical cancer, routine screening isn’t recommended for women under 30 — but 60 percent of doctors say they do it anyway. The result can be unnecessary treatment in that age group: Yes, many of those women have the virus, but it often goes away on its own.

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Eating lots of quickly digested carbohydrates (like those in refined grains, candies, and pastries) and saturated fat might make you more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, a recent study suggests.

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Most people shouldn’t take the highest-approved dose of the drug simvastatin, the FDA recently said, because it ups the risk of dangerous muscle damage.

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