The French Woman’s Take on How to Age Gracefully

In a recent New York Times article, Ann M. Morrison looks to the beautiful French women in her Paris neighborhood to share their secrets on aging gracefully. Here are a few things American women can learn from them:

1. Dress well, meaning retain your sense of style and what works with your body. One woman in a “matching, if slightly kooky, outfit” knew how to pull of her slightly off-beat style.

2. Be true to yourself. The confidence of the older woman comes from a love of being herself and never forgetting her sense of style despite the passage of time.

3. Don’t cover your unique features. French women may have work done but not “to disguise that process with Botox” for “a desperate “youthful” look.” They work with what they have.

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4. Start now. French girls start young with “33 percent…between 15 and 19” using different creams to halt the march of time across their faces.

5. Get pampered. They enjoy taking care of their skin, hair and selves. Getting a prescription from a doctor for their spa treatments may help!

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6. Watch your weight. There is no magic bullet. The best way to gracefully age is to avoid gaining weight.

7. Get walking! But they aren’t joining pricey gyms to do this. They simply walk more.

8. All you need is love. The number one way the French drink from the fountain of youth is by loving and being loved by the people around them. Happiness tends to make us all more beautiful.

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