4 Real Reasons You’re Forgetful

We all know lots of excuses for forgetfulness. Here are a few conditions that can really effect your memory.

“I’m under too much stress.”

EXPLANATION: Chronic stress is like poison to the brain. Stress increases production of a natural steroid called cortisol, which damages the hippocampus-the memory centre of the brain. Studies show that a high-stress lifestyle even increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

“I’m pregnant.”

EXPLANATION: Pregnancy entails many changes in the body that can affect your mental clarity, including dramatic hormone shifts, fluid shifts that can trigger headaches, an increase in coritsol, and sleep deprivation in the later months.

“I’m on a diet.”

EXPLANATION: People intent on losing weight quickly often put their bodies in a state of near starvation. Memory and thinking suffer as the brain is deprived of needed glucose (blood sugar). Very low-carb diets can also make you feel tired, lightheaded, and headachy.

“I’m having chemo.”

EXPLANATION: Cloudy thinking in chemotherapy patients is so common, there’s even a term for it: chemobrain. The medicines themselves can act like a brain-rattling smack on the side of the head. But chemo side effects, such as anemia, fatigue, insomnia, and worry can make concentration difficult. And one often-neglected cause is poor nutrition, since patients frequently lose their appetite.

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