6 Surprising Happiness Boosts

1. Spend Some Time with the Little People in Your Life

Studies show that being with their families is what children like best. Hang out with your kids, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews to cheer yourself up and bring them happiness too.

2. Take a Chance

You’ve been dying to ask your boss for a raise and a promotion that you know you deserve, but fear of rejection prevents you from summoning up the courage. Sound familiar? According to Working Mother magazine, if being afraid of disappointment keeps you from taking chances, you’re actually making yourself less happy by holding back. Next time, go for it. If you get what you wanted, you’ll be thrilled—and if you don’t, you’ll probably find it stings less than you expected and you’ll discover how resilient you truly are.

3. Mix It Up

You’re a creature of habit, and you’re at your best when you get into the groove of a routine. Or so you think. Consistency, it turns out, doesn’t always make you happier, particularly when it comes to activities you enjoy. Rather than getting into a rut, try out a few new running routes or mix up that tried-and-true Sunday morning brunch routine.

4. Buy Some Happiness

As many of us suspected, that old adage about money and happiness just isn’t true. It’s not simply having money that matters, it’s how you choose to spend it. If you enjoy baking, buying yourself that fancy mixer you’ve always wanted will certainly cheer you up (as long as you can afford it). But spending your money on other people, research suggests, might make you even happier.

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5. Doodle

This one may sound far-fetched, but making those little stars, flowers, and faces in the margins of your notepad actually makes you happier. The next time you’re stuck in a boring meeting, channel your inner Charles Schulz and see for yourself.

6. Take a Quick Getaway

It’s not surprising that vacations make us happy. What’s news, however, is that the length of the vacation doesn’t necessarily matter. According to a recent article in the Journal of Happiness Studies, the pleasure we derive from getting away from it all isn’t measurably different whether we take off for a week or a weekend.

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