11 Surprising Uses for Epsom Salts You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Epsom salts have been a staple for creating a soothing bath to wash away aches and pains. But there's much more this simple salt can do.

Garden helper

One of the most unique uses for Epsom salts is in the garden, where the magnesium in it can help boost the soil to help seeds grow stronger and plants take up more nutrients. Put a tablespoon or two in with each seed, or dissolve it into water and water plants with it. See how gardening can help you stay healthy.

Natural laxative

LaxativeMark Deibert Productions/Shutterstock
Drinking Epsom salts can help relieve constipation, reports the Mayo Clinic. Simply mix a couple of teaspoons of Epsom salts into eight ounces of warm water. A little lemon can make the drink more palatable. Check out these other incredible health benefits of drinking lemon water.

Skin exfoliant

Have rough patches on your skin? Mix Epsom salts with coconut oil to make an all-natural salt scrub. You'll also love these homemade foot scrub recipes.

Athlete's foot treatment

BathAlena Ozerova/Shutterstock
Podiatrists often recommend soaking your feet in an Epsom salt bath to help reduce the pain and itchiness—and speed healing. Here are other natural athlete's foot treatments.

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Tile and grout cleaner

TilesOliver Hoffmann/Shutterstock
Let Epsom salts cleanse one of the grimiest parts of your house. Mix equal parts Epsom salts and liquid dish detergent, apply to the dirty surfaces, and let it soak in for at least a few minutes before you scrub it away. You'll also love these six homemade natural cleaners.

Hair product buildup remover

If your shampoo doesn't quite do the trick at getting rid of product, rinsing your hair with a mixture of a cup each of Epsom salt and lemon juice in a gallon of water will help. Just let the Epsom salt rinse sit in your hair for several minutes before rinsing it away. Get more all-natural beauty treatment ideas.

Slug deterrent

Slugyouyuenyong budsawongkod/Shutterstock
Simply sprinkle Epsom salts around your plants to keep the slugs at bay. Check out these other all-natural pest deterrents.

Window decorating

Epsom salts can help give your windows a wintry, frosted look for the holidays. Mix together 1 1/2 cups boiling water with 1 cup Epsom salt and 3 tablespoons of liquid dish soap, let it cool, then apply to your window with a sponge.

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Itchy spot soother

Apply cold compresses soaked in a mixture of 2 tablespoons Epsom salts to one cup of cold water to soothe the itch from insect bites, eczema, and other skin conditions.

DIY bath bombs

Colorful, fragrant bath bombs have become a popular gift for teens and tweens, but you can create your own by mixing Epsom salts with other common household ingredients—corn starch, baking soda, coconut oil, citric acid, food coloring and a nicely scented essential oil. Try these fun bath bomb recipes.

Bloat reducer

BathGoran Bogicevic/Shutterstock
Several celebrities swear by an Epsom salts bath before a big event to help them look red carpet ready. The salt in the bathwater may help draw excess water out of your body. Simply add about two cups of Epsom salts to your bath. Find out other daily habits that help reduce belly bloat.

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