7 Home Remedies for Head Colds That Are Always Worth Trying

Head colds are painful and can mess up your busy schedule. Try these home remedies to get yourself back on your feet sooner.

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Head cold home remedy: Stay hydrated

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The best treatment for a head cold and sore throat is to stay hydrated. Make sure to consume more water than you usually do when healthy. Drinking fruit juices will also boost your vitamin C, but be careful to not irritate your throat with too much acidity found in citrus juices. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which are slightly naturally dehydrating.

Head cold home remedy: Gargle with salt

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The best head cold medicine over the counter can be found in your own cabinet: salt. Dissolve it in warm water and gargle to soothe the inflammation of your throat as well as to promote blood flow. This will also help break up the mucus and disinfect your mouth and throat. Since ancient Egypt, salt has been used as a healing treatment for a multitude of ailments. Try one of these natural gargles to help a sore throat.

Head cold home remedy: Consume warm liquids

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Bringing an ailing friend a comforting bowl of chicken soup is customary, but does it really help a cold? Absolutely. In addition to providing nutrients and protein for the sick person, warm liquids help soothe a sore throat and break up mucus much like a warm salt gargle. Not hungry? Try hot tea, particularly with honey and lemon or even ginger root. Honey coats the throat, lemon has antiseptic properties that boost the immune system, and ginger is spicy and will encourage drainage.

Head cold home remedy: Cool moisture

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The best common cold medicine for constant treatment is a humidifier. Run a cool moisture humidifier in your room to combat the irritation of dry air. Just make sure to clean and descale the humidifier regularly to avoid mold which will not promote wellness. (Here's how to choose the best humidifier for your space.)

Head cold home remedy: Get plenty of rest

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As there are no cures for common cold and flu, the best head cold medicine truly is rest. Get plenty of sleep at night and do your best to avoid exertion during the day. Your body needs downtime in order to recover from the common cold. Try these tips to sleep better without drugs.

Head cold home remedy: Cold sore relief

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A possible side effect of the common cold is the cold sore. In addition to time, what helps a cold sore go away faster is a number of cold sore home remedies, or if you cannot get to the store, search your medicine cabinets for petroleum jelly, lemon balm lip balm, or witch hazel. These substances work together to soothe the pain of the cold sore while drying out the area and encouraging healing. Pain medication may also help, as a cold sore is small yet incredibly painful.

Head cold home remedy: Mentholated salve

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Many believe that the best medicine for head cold and sore throat is menthol. What started as an herbal treatment in the 1800s has become a main ingredient in over-the-counter cold medications. Menthol has a distinct smell which works to open up the nasal passages. It is typically applied on the chest and the cooling sensation is comforting while you breathe in its vapors. (You probably don't want your lip balm to contain menthol, though.)

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