Is Your Menstrual Cycle Affecting Your Blood Sugar?

Your menstrual cycle might be complicating your efforts to manage your diabetes.

Women build up high levels of estrogen and progesterone about a week before menstruation. Some scientists believe that these hormones interfere with insulin sensitivity in many women, most often making blood sugar run high, but sometimes causing it to drop. So take out your record of blood glucose readings for the last three months and mark the dates when your last three periods began. Were your blood sugar levels high a week before each period? If so, experiment with some countermeasures. Exercise more around this time and cut back on carbs, for instance. If you use insulin, ask your doctor if it’s okay to slowly increase your dose a touch and back off again when your period starts. If your blood sugar tends to drop a week before your period, do the reverse: Temporarily exercise less, consume more carbs, and lower your insulin dose slightly if your doctor says it’s okay.

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