You Need This: Tricks to Cure a Hangover Naturally

Overdo it last night? Rebound quickly with these all-natural hangover home remedies, most of which you likely have on hand.

Load up on B vitamins

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Alcohol depletes B vitamins from your system, which can make you feel worse the next day. Taking a 50 milligram B complex vitamin before you start drinking and another one while you're drinking may help lessen or even your hangover in the morning.

Stick to clear spirits

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Darker liquors contain higher amounts of toxic substances called congeners, which contribute to hangovers. Consider vodka or gin cocktails instead of rum or whiskey to avoid the hangover in the first place. And check out these simple tips to cut back on drinking alcohol.

Brew some ginger tea to settle your stomach


Ginger is one of the best remedies for settling an upset stomach, which is often a component of a hangover. Sweeten ginger tea with lots of honey; it contains fructose, which will help your body metabolize and burn off any alcohol still in your system. Drinking ginger ale or munching on slices of fresh or pickled ginger will also ease an upset stomach. Check out these surprising health benefits (and risks) of ginger.

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Gulp some coconut water

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Rehydrating is one of the quickest ways to feel better after a hard night at the bar, and one cup of this refreshing liquid contains more electrolytes than most sports drinks—and more potassium than a banana. It may even help soothe an upset stomach. If you don't have coconut water, sip Gatorade to replenish electrolytes. You should also keep drinking plain water, too.

Try to sweat it out


The simplest way to overcome or cure a hangover is to get any remaining alcohol and toxins out of your system. Did you know that as much as a third of toxic body waste is eliminated through the skin? Soaking in a hot bath or shower will help your body rid itself of nasty toxins that are making you feel worse. Be careful not to overdue it, though—and drink a cold glass of water while soaking to avoid further dehydration. Adding Epsom salts to the bath will intensify the detoxification process, drawing out further waste. Beyond a bath, light exercise will also help to quickly rid your body of the toxins that are bringing you down, if you're up for it. Practice yoga or go for a long walk to get yourself moving.

Eat a banana


Low levels of potassium leave you feeling weak, and can cause muscle cramps and soreness, and bananas are packed with potassium, which should help replace the minerals and electrolytes that your body lost while drinking. If you can't stomach eating, make a banana smoothie with honey, or try a banana and honey sandwich. Another hangover cure is to proactively eat a banana before you start drinking, to stock your potassium levels ahead of time.

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Drink some tomato juice


Tomato juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are lost after a long night of drinking. It also contains fructose, which aids in metabolizing alcohol that is still in your system.

Boost your liver with vitamin C and milk thistle


Milk thistle and vitamin C are both extremely beneficial in helping your liver to function properly. Milk thistle contains antioxidants that are known to protect the liver from toxins, including the effects of alcohol, and may even help to regenerate liver cells. Studies have shown that taking a milk thistle supplement daily for 30 days increases overall liver function. As for vitamin C: alcohol also depletes your body of vitamin C, which is important for reducing alcohol-induced stress in your liver. Ask your doctor about whether these supplements are right for you.

Sip something fermented


Fermented foods contain healthy bacteria that can help an irritated tummy feel good as new. One example? Miso soup, which rehydrates your body with water, sodium, and other nutrients that were depleted through the diuretic effect of alcohol. Other fermented foods that are known for their hangover relieving or curing qualities include sauerkraut and kombachu, a fermented drink of sweetened black or green tea. Eating foods with natural probiotics can also help balance the bacteria in your gut—so reach for yogurt if your stomach aches. Eat these foods to boost your good gut bacteria.

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Still aching? Try this wacky trick


If you feel so miserable that you'd try anything, try this. Take a piece of cut lemon and wipe the juicy side under each armpit. Proponents swear it works, though there is no science to explain it.

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