How To Stop Overthinking

Stop Obsessing© Stockbyte/Thinkstock Are you guilty of overthinking?
Research shows that 52 percent of women mull things over and over before making a move. But thinking too much can trap the brain in a worry cycle, explains psychologist Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, PhD. When you find yourself going round-and-round over an issue, try using some of these tips:

Get a second opinion. You’re used to going it alone, but the old adage two heads are better than one is a good mantra for you.

Look for distractions. When you begin overthinking, get up and change places. Studies show that a new vantage point can be enough to shake you out of a fruitless thought process.

Keep a handwritten stop sign
on your desk or bathroom mirror. Visual clues can cut down on excessive thinking.

Envision a happy ending. Praying or meditating on a positive outcome will block confusing or negative thoughts.

Steer clear of worry buddies, friends who tend to overthink things just as you do. Reaching out to a positive thinker will help you think positively, too.

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