Meditation Basics

Meditation is the practice of paying attention and increasing awareness, sometimes called mindfulness.

Why Try It?
When you meditate, your brain becomes more ordered and coherent in ways that can be measured using EEGs, MRIs and PET scans. Your mind quiets down, allowing you to experience a deep sense of peace and well-being. When you live mindfully, you enjoy life more fully and perform at a higher level, with less stress.

How To Do It
You can apply the practice of mindfulness to everything you do. When you eat, focus on the food and you’ll experience enhanced pleasure with fewer calories. When you iron a shirt, give it your full attention. If you can, keep the room relatively quiet. Involve all your senses: Smell the shirt, inhaling the clean scent of the laundry detergent. Feel the soft cotton fabric on your hands, notice the areas that are wrinkled and pay attention to the silence. Then spread the shirt on the ironing board and begin the work.

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