No-Fail Foot Care

Hey, guys, it’s sandal season: Are your feet up to public scrutiny? Consider a pampering pedicure before baring all. Taking care of his feet doesn’t make a man a metrosexual. In fact, 29% of spa-goers are men, and 11% of them get pedicures.

Some good advice:


  • 1.

    Pack a bag

    We know that dirty cuticle clippers can pass infections, but salon operators are also supposed to disinfect nail files and buffers after each use. To be safe, bring your own.

  • 2.

    Watch and learn

    Waiting for your turn in a busy salon is the perfect chance to observe the salon’s safety practices: Do employees wash their hands between clients? Are they using clean tools for each client? Are workstations spotless? If not, run for the door.

  • 3.

    Don't go there

    The whirlpool footbath can harbor dangerous bacteria, so go elsewhere if you see that your salon doesn’t clean and disinfect the tub for 10 minutes between clients. And don’t let anyone scrape off your calluses with a razor: Using one is illegal and can cause injury.

  • 4.

    Wear flip-flops

    They keep your feet from touching any dirty surfaces.

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