Safe Driving Starts With … Sunscreen?

The downsides of a long commute: traffic jams, stress—and maybe even skin cancer.

In a review of 898 skin cancer cases, experts at Saint Louis University discovered more instances on the left side of the body than on the right. Upon further study, they found that driving was a possible cause—and men are especially vulnerable. Guys were more likely than women to develop left-side cancers in places like the hands and face, which are most exposed to the sun while driving.

The reason for the gender difference? Men were more likely to sit behind the wheel and to have more years of driving experience than women. It’s further evidence that UV exposure while driving contributes to the cancer over time, says lead author Scott Fosko, MD. Shield your skin with special car window tints that block harmful rays, or use sunscreen year-round and wear long sleeves and pants when driving.

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