7 Underlying Stresses You Didn’t Know You Had

 Troubled economy, troubled home

moneyiris wright/ShutterstockWhat is stress? It's a lot of things, of course, but it seems just turning on the TV flips on the stress switch. When we seek news about what's happening in the economy, we get even more stressed because the news is often so bleak—job losses, industries in collapse, and even stress-related violence in our schools, homes, and workplaces. And it's no secret financial woes can also wreak havoc on your marriage, thus adding even more stress. Fortunately, there are at least 12 ways to stop arguing about money with your spouse.

 Too many screens


tabletJack Frog/ShutterstockThere are plenty of new challenges that confront today's American family. For example, Mom, Dad, Billy, and Sue might all be under the same roof, but they might as well be on different planets. That's because each may be glued to his or her own TV screen. (These 10 strategies will get your kid off their phone.) Mom may be checking e-mail from work, Dad’s watching a game. Sue may be on Facebook with her friends, some of whom she knows and some of whom she doesn’t. And who knows what Billy may be doing on the computer behind his locked bedroom door! Nothing answers the "what is stress" question than too many screens. Bottom line: When you're screening information, you're screening your loved ones out.

 Youth's become a commodity


friendsTuzemka/ShutterstockOur families are now cultural battlegrounds with a war going on between the things that Mom and Dad enjoy and the things that marketers are hoping to sell to preteens and teenagers. The youth culture, which displays itself in fashion, music, literature, and other forms of entertainment, has driven a wedge between parents and children. We see that Hollywood is raising America's youth, often with undesirable results. Want to get with the times? These are the 10 words that make you sound older.

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 The reality of two-worker families


momMonkey Business/ShutterstockIt has become more and more difficult for a sole breadwinner to support a family. Part of this is due to the increasing tax burden in our society, and part is due to the ever-increasing appetite for consumer and luxury goods. We are now living in a world where many women who wish they had the choice to stay home with their children simply cannot afford to do so. (Never say these 10 things to a working mom.) And what happens in today's economy, when one parent is out of work and the other parent now bears the full financial responsibility for the home? All of these issues raise the stress level in today's marriages.

 The de-stigmatizing of divorce


divorceGajus/ShutterstockWhen the anti-divorce ethic was at its strongest in our society, until just a few decades ago, there were indeed more people locked into loveless marriages. On the other hand, the downside of the widespread acceptance and de-stigmatizing of divorce in our society may cause couples to think that it is acceptable to throw in the towel without making a strong enough stand for their marriages. Don't miss these marriage tips from a divorce lawyer who's seen it all. The resulting trend of divorces increases the percentage of children from separated families and increase the likelihood that those children will view marriage as a temporary state.

Less work life-balance

workDragon Images/ShutterstockWorkers in today's economy feel more pressure than ever to always be connected. But when responding to work emails takes away from family time, or when dad takes a call from his boss at the dinner table, it sends a signal that work is more important than family. (These are the jobs with the best work-life balance.) The result is family members who feel unimportant or unappreciated which can add stress to any home.

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Not enough sex

sexnd3000/ShutterstockAs couples age, libido may wane as well. (Try these 31 natural ways to boost your libido.) And nothing adds stress to a relationship like a lack of sex, especially is one partner doesn't understand why. Have an open discussion with your partner about sex and why or why not you're having less of it.
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