Help for Sleepless Moms

Moms don’t sleep. Not during pregnancy. Not after the kids are born. Not after they’re in school. And especially not after they start driving. In fact, a totally unscientific poll of mothers recently revealed that no mom sleeps until her kids are grown and out of the house. Part of the reason is that we are good parents. We try to give our kids a clean home, clean clothes, and a modicum of attention. In the hour before bedtime, 60 percent of us are still doing household chores, reveals a poll by the National Sleep Foundation, while 37 percent of us are doing things with our kids. A second reason that we are not sleeping is that sometimes our kids are too wired to settle into sleep right away or perhaps it’s because they just haven’t learned how to get to sleep independently. A third is that every once in a while, all kids have sleeping problems at night, nightmares, illness, wet beds, just to name a few. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, 47 percent of us have to handle those challenges alone. Whether it’s because of divorce, disinterest, or poor parenting, there’s no one else there but us to get up in the middle of the night to cuddle a miserable, frightened child. But we’re not the only ones who are losing sleep. So are our kids. Studies show that 40 percent of children report they don’t get enough sleep. And at least one survey reveals that 20 percent of teens fall asleep in school on a regular basis.24 percent of married women have given up sex whether it’s because we are so exhausted we prefer sleep or because we are so irritated at our partner is anybody’s guess.

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