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45 Beauty Tips From Grandmas You’d Be a Fool Not to Follow

Here's the old-school beauty advice these top experts learned from their grandmothers—and still swear by today.


Old-school Botox: Keep a straight face

"My grandmother was always telling me 'Never cringe!,' saying it was the quickest way to age a girl. This was basically the best 'Botox' before Botox existed. Anytime she noticed me making a face, she'd remind me and eventually I became so aware of my facial movements that it became second nature to make sure I wasn't unconsciously giving myself wrinkles." —Amal Elbahnasawy, foundress of ARTISANskin


Scent on the rocks

"Growing up, I'd always see my grandmother's perfume in the fridge, and she told me it kept the fragrance longer and felt refreshing on the skin. She was right. I love keeping mine cool, especially during the summer and fall months. And yes, it does make the fragrance smell sweeter, longer!" —Hilary Kennedy, style expert for Eye Opener TV. Try these other tricks that make perfume last longer.

Skip the contouring

"My grandmother was May-Louise Flodin, the Miss World for Sweden in 1953 and one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. So when she gave beauty advice, I'd listen! She used to tell me to only put concealer inside the eye crease rather than spreading it all across under the eye, like most people do. It's basically the opposite of the current contouring trend but try it because it looks amazing. She also was a fan of blue liner on blue eyes, green liner on green eyes, and brown liner on brown eyes rather than harsh black." —Samantha Khoury from AMAIÒ Swim. Learn 10 more tricks for applying concealer flawlessly.


Honey takes the sting out of scars

"My grandmother always put honey on our wounds to help them heal faster and reduce the appearance of scars. As a kid, I was a major tomboy, played rough, and got a lot of scars and I'm pretty sure I'd still have some nasty ones today if I didn't put honey on them. Now there is even research to back up what she said, and honey is even used on surgical scars today." —Erin Stair, MD, MPH, founder of and creator of ZENBands 


Parasols never go out of style

"My grandmother had the most beautiful porcelain white skin. Her whole life she always covered up wearing sunscreen, hats, long sleeves and pants, and would even walk around with an umbrella to protect her skin from the sun. At the time, I thought she was crazy. I couldn't believe that she walked around with an umbrella when it was sunny outside! I thought that being tan looked great. Now I know how smart she was to do this. Even when she was in her 50s and 60s no one could ever guess her age and everyone was always telling her how young she looked." —Stefanie Parks, founder of DermWarehouse. Don't miss these other 9 dermatologist-approved tricks for looking younger.

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Double-duty makeup

"One trick my grandmother taught me was that you can use your lipstick to not only give a little color to the lip, but also a little glow to the cheek or a hint of shine on the eyelid." —Sunnie Brook Jones, Celebrity Stylist for Head & Shoulders


Wear your vegetables

"As young as girl my grandmother encouraged me to rub fruit and vegetable peels on my skin. For example, rather than discarding the peels left over from mangoes, avocados, and apples, she showed me how to massage the inner peels on my face and hands, explaining that her mother taught her the very same thing when she was a little girl. It turns out they are wonderful natural moisturizers and provides the skin nutrient-rich benefits. Whenever I finish eating an avocado, you can catch me with my looking like The Incredible Hulk!" —Jennifer Isaac, MODE cofounder. Try these other 9 recipes for effective homemade face masks.


Wash your makeup off every night. Yes, you.

"Grandma always told me that no matter the events of the day, always end it with a clean face so that I could wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. It helps your skin breathe and heal while you sleep." —Amal Elbahnasawy


Nature's conditioner: Scalp oil

"The old saying is true: My Grandma always used to brush her hair 100 strokes before bedtime to stimulate the natural oils of the scalp and move them down the rest of the hair shaft. This is nature's conditioner! It also stimulates blood flow and exfoliates the scalp." —James Corbett, director of color for Clairol. Make sure you know these other 38 secrets hair stylists won't tell you.


Get comfy

"I learned from my grandma that it's better to wear what makes you feel good rather than what you think others will like. I take this to heart and wear comfortable clothes that make me feel good over fancy, uncomfortable or trendy clothes. I find this makes me more comfortable in situations and ultimately interact better with others." —Stacy Caprio of Colorful Eyes

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