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Sure, they roll around at the same time every year, but somehow it’s still easy to be caught off-guard. Never again! Whether you’re planning ahead or at the very last minute, these handy holiday guides will help you make the most of your celebrations all year long.

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What Does the Irish Word “Sláinte” Mean?

Delve into the St. Patrick's Day tradition of toasting by learning the meaning and pronunciation of the Irish word sláinte

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This Is How the Chicago River Turns Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Since the 1960s, Irish Chicagoans have been dyeing the Chicago River green. But how much dye is used—and...

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32 Best Irish Movies to Watch for St. Patrick’s Day

Rich in history, humor, and heartwarming tales, these Irish movies are perfect for a St. Patrick's Day movie marathon.

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12 St. Patrick’s Day Traditions That Will Bring You Luck

Discover authentic Irish traditions you didn't know about, and learn the surprising history of others that actually originated in America

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100 St. Patrick’s Day Quotes for Some Irish Luck

Grab a little of the luck of the Irish for yourself with these St. Patrick's Day quotes, Irish blessings, Irish...

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60 St. Patrick’s Day Jokes That Will Leave Your Lucky Charms in Stitches

Irish you a pot of gold and all the laughs with these St. Patrick's Day jokes

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What Does “Erin Go Bragh” Mean?

We're diving into what exactly Erin go bragh means and where the common St. Patrick's Day saying came from. Hint:...

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What Are the St. Patrick’s Day Colors, and What Do They Mean?

Green wasn't St. Patrick's Day's original color!

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Why Four-Leaf Clovers Are Considered Lucky

We all know carrying a four-leaf clover will bring you good fortune, but the history of this lucky symbol may...

25 St. Patrick’s Day Memes That Shamrock

Sip on these funny St. Patrick's Day memes. We hear they pair nicely with green beer, Irish soda bread and...

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St. Paddy or St. Patty—Which Is Correct?

Everyone has an opinion about St. Patrick's Day's nickname, but traditional language protocol may settle the St. Paddy or St....

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When Is St. Patrick’s Day, and Why Do We Celebrate It?

When is St. Patrick's Day, you ask? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about this Irish holiday.

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50 Deliciously Easy St. Patrick’s Day Food Recipes Everyone Will Love

St. Patrick's Day food is tasty and perfect for a the family. Our round-up of St. Patrick's Day recipes will...

20 Incredible True Stories That Will Change How You Think About Luck

Think luck is just for the Irish? Enjoy these short, true stories that celebrate luck, coincidence, and the joy of...

9 Great Words You Never Knew Were Gaelic

More than 1.3 million Irish citizens still speak Gaelic—and whether you know it or not, you do too! Here are...

Cheers! 14 Fascinating Facts About Guinness Beer

"What do you mean (*hic*) Guinness isn't really black?"