Sure, they roll around at the same time every year, but somehow it’s still easy to be caught off-guard. Never again! Whether you’re planning ahead or at the very last minute, these handy holiday guides will help you make the most of your celebrations all year long.

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Which Thanksgiving Foods Are Safe to Slip Under the Table for Pets?

It's a day to give thanks for your pets, too. But think twice before giving them a treat from your plate—some holiday foods can be downright dangerous for cats and dogs.

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The 20 Best Cat Costumes for Halloween

Looking for the pur-fect Halloween cat costume? Check out these fun, hilarious outfits you and your pet will love.

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Black Cats and Halloween: What’s True and What’s Not

Black cats have been misunderstood and accused of outrageous things from bad luck to causing disease for centuries. Finally, here's...

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30 Cats for 30 Days: 30 Adoptable Cats That Still Need Homes

Don't say we didn't warn you. After seeing these sweet kitties and hearing their sad stories, you won’t be able...