Brace yourself for Halloween chills, thrills, and all sorts of bewitching fun! We’ve got you covered for the entire spooktacular season, with the best costumes for the whole family, the wildest decorations, the coolest party ideas, the most binge-worthy Halloween movies, and, of course, the scoop on the best candy to pass out. Let the festivities begin!

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    Why Do We Bob for Apples on Halloween?

    Compared to other Halloween traditions and legends, its origins aren't as spooky. Learn more about how bobbing for apples came...

    20 Halloween Memes That Will Have You Howling with Laughter

    Trick-or-treat yourself to these hilarious Halloween memes.

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    13 Photos That Show How Disney Parks Around the World Celebrate Halloween

    You’ll get unique Halloween experiences at the various Disney parks around the globe, but they all have one thing in...

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    20 Scary Good Halloween Riddles

    These spooky Halloween riddles will get you ready for October 31.

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    Is Your Canned Pumpkin Actually Made of Pumpkin?

    You would NOT want to make a Jack-o'-lantern from a Libby's squash.

    What Can You Do with Leftover Pumpkin Puree?

    Don't let leftover pumpkin puree go to waste! We'll show you how to use up that extra pumpkin at the...

    This State Reports the Most Ghost Sightings in America

    If you're intrigued—or freaked out!—by the idea of the paranormal, you'll want to know which U.S. state has racked up...

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    The Stories Behind 12 Abandoned Mansions

    Of course, mansions can be beautiful, sprawling signs of wealth but these abandoned mansions and their incredible stories will give...

    Why Are People Afraid of Clowns?

    If you aren't scared of clowns now, you will be soon.

    This Is How Disney World Is Celebrating Halloween This Year

    The spookiest time of year may look a little different at the parks right now, but it's still a whole...

    17 Clever Halloween Costumes for Work

    Get in the spooky spirit at the office by throwing on one of these Halloween costumes for work.

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    The Most Popular Halloween Costume the Year You Were Born

    Halloween costumes reflect the times. Read on for what everyone was talking about—and, of course, wearing—the year you came into...

    12 Real-Life Exorcisms That Actually Happened

    The belief that evil spirits can possess humans has been terrifying people throughout history. That's probably why the history of...

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    7 Signs Your House Could Be Haunted, According to Paranormal Experts

    These chilling signs suggest your home may have visitors from beyond the grave.

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    10 Chilling Crimes Involving Ouija Boards

    Ouija boards tend to peak in popularity during times of uncertainty. Ahem. But before you take yours out of the...

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    12 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween Candy

    How much Americans really spend on Halloween, the history of “fun size” candy, and more sweet facts about your favorite...

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    20 Skeleton Puns You Can’t Help But Find ‘Humerus’

    Ready for some Halloween skele-puns? (Get it?!) Welcome to the Groan Yard!

    Here’s What Ree Drummond Loves to Make for Halloween

    Take a page from Ree Drummond's recipe book this Halloween with a sweet-and-salty candy bark.

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    15 Halloween Puns That’ll Have You Laughing Till You’re Coffin

    Spooky season doesn't have to be all boos and scares. Share these Halloween puns that'll have you laughing until you're...

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    13 Ways Halloween Is Celebrated Around the World

    Depending on where you go, Halloween can be very silly—or very serious.

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    The Best Halloween Dish from Every State

    Take a look at which spooky Halloween recipe is being brewed in your neck of the woods. Here you'll find...

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    16 Non-Candy Halloween Treats Kids Actually Love

    Skip the same old candy that everyone else is handing out this Halloween and give trick-or-treaters an awesomely fun and...

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    What Only Insiders Know About Disney World’s Halloween Celebrations

    The Walt Disney World Resort is a haven for spooky fun and sweet treats throughout the autumn months. The centerpiece...

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    This Is What It’s Really Like to Be An Exorcist

    As a little girl, Rachel Stavis saw "monsters" floating around her bedroom or attached to other children. Now she slays...

    14 Theme Parks with the Spookiest Halloween Celebrations

    Halloween is almost here, which means the spookiest season of the year is in full swing at America's favorite amusement...

    13 Abandoned Amusement Parks That Will Give You the Creeps

    When these parks were in their prime, they were fun, fantastic, and anything but freaky. Now, they seem like something...

    The Spookiest Towns to Celebrate Halloween in America

    One night is never enough for the Halloween obsessed. These towns take "Halloween-ing" to the next level, organizing, decorating, and...