Sure, they roll around at the same time every year, but somehow it’s still easy to be caught off-guard. Never again! Whether you’re planning ahead or at the very last minute, these handy holiday guides will help you make the most of your celebrations all year long.

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The New Year’s Resolutions 14 CEOs Are Making for 2020

From drinking too much coffee to sleeping with their phones, CEOs struggle with a lot of the same things that the rest of us do. Here's how they plan to change things in the new year.

The New Year’s Resolutions 11 Professional Organizers Are Making for 2020

Even the pros have messy fridges, overflowing closets, and way too many pictures on their phones. Here's how they plan...

14 Family-Friendly New Year’s Celebrations Around the Country

Who says grownups get to have all the fun on New Year's Eve? These special events around the country are...

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13 New Year’s Eve Foods to Eat for Good Luck

Do you have any New Year's Eve food traditions? Think about incorporating some of these dishes for your next New...

The 13 New Year’s Resolutions Nutritionists Are Making for 2020

Here's how to make resolutions like a pro—and how to keep going past February!

14 New Year’s Resolutions Financial Planners Are Making for 2020

You already know you need to spend less and save more—here's what you need to do it like a pro.

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5 Inventions That Movies and Books Predicted Well Before Their Time

The new year always brings prognostications, most of them wrong. You know who gets them right? A few good books...

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What Does “Auld Lang Syne” Really Mean?

Historians call it “the song that nobody knows.” And yet, we’ve all tried to sing it.

27 Inspiring New Year’s Resolution Ideas You’ll Want to Keep

Go beyond losing weight and hitting the gym this year by making resolutions that will uplift, educate, entertain, and help...

Charities Where Your Donation Goes the Farthest

As the holiday season and new year approaches, you may feel inspired to donate to a special cause close to...

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12 Things Coming to Your Favorite Amusement Parks in 2019

Get ready for a new year filled with adrenaline-revving thrills, incredible entertainment, cutting-edge rides, and amazing new attractions at the...

15 New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Land That Promotion

You may think you know how to be a shining star at work. But we spoke to bosses and experts...

9 Things You Should Never Do When You Come Back from Holiday Break

Get back in the swing of things without wasting time on your full inbox.

8 Tips for a Stress-Free New Year’s Eve Cocktail Party

Hosting the New Year's bash this year? These tips will keep you (and your guests!) in good spirits until midnight...

13 Life-Changing Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep Up Forever

New Year's resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, but the major benefits of these tiny tweaks will keep you going...

11 Feng Shui Tricks to Help You Beat Holiday Stress

Feng shui—the art of maximizing positive energy in your living space—can be the antidote to holiday stress. Let this ancient...

The 10 Holiday Travel Tips Every Smart Traveler Should Memorize

If you're flying anywhere over the Thanksgiving to New Year's stretch this year, we've got the sanity savers you need...

The Most Productive Things to Do Every Day In January to Start the Year Off Right

These 31 simple moves will help you save money, lose weight, improve your relationships, and find more free time for...

The Secret for Actually Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions, According to Science

A better understanding of brain science can help you follow through on your goals.

The Most Common E-mail Mistakes Made in 2017

Make error-free writing a New Year's Resolution for 2018!

Here’s How (and Where) You Can Rock New Year’s Eve Alone

New Year's Eve isn't always about waiting on massive lines and being around crowds of people. If you're looking for...

The Top Destinations to Ring in New Year’s Eve 2017

New Year's Eve is the perfect way to close out the season, and of course the year, which is why...

What 2018 Has in Store for You, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Will the year of the Earth Dog be your year to shine? Or does it spell disaster?

Nate Berkus’s Advice for Getting Cigarette Smell Out of the House After You Quit

Good for you for deciding to quit smoking: You're already on your way to better health. Clearing the smoke smell...

Here Are the Beauty Resolutions 17 Experts Are Making

Want to look your best in the New Year? Start by checking out how beauty pros are resolving to make...