Sure, they roll around at the same time every year, but somehow it’s still easy to be caught off-guard. Never again! Whether you’re planning ahead or at the very last minute, these handy holiday guides will help you make the most of your celebrations all year long.

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This Soldier’s Long Walk Home Was the Best Christmas Present for His Little Girl

Surprise reunions are extra special during the holiday season.

This Heartwarming Christmas Tradition Has Been Passed Down Through Multiple Generations

Oversize Christmas stockings were 
a labor of love for avid knitters.

10 Lives That Were Forever Changed Thanks to the Power of Generosity

These stories of radical compassion reveal our inner humanitarians, the part of us that believes that if we live with...

This Message in a …. Christmas Ornament… Is a True Story of Love

Inside an old blue glass ball lay the heart of a marriage.

15 Family Bonding Activities You Can Do Instead of Black Friday Shopping

Do you really want to deal with those crowds? Didn't think so.

Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Go Pumpkin Picking This Fall

Everyone wants to find the perfect pumpkin for their jack-o'-lantern, but choosing one can be tricky. Here are a few...

These Are the Luckiest Days of the Year to Do Everything, According to Numerology

Numerology predicts many life events, believers say. When will good fortune come your way?

Working Moms Clock in an Insane Amount of Hours Each Week, Says Study

Maybe send your mom two Mother's Day cards next year.

You’ll Cringe at How Much Bacteria Is Spread When You Blow Out Your Birthday Candles

After these findings, your next birthday might not be as happy.

These 10 Nostalgic Photos Capture the Magic of Childhood

These photos of kids playing, spending time with friends and family, and celebrating in the mid-20th century will bring you...

How to Survive Mother’s Day Without Your Mother

When you have lost your mom for any reason, Mother's Day can be incredibly painful. Here's how to cope, from...

24 Books Every Mother and Daughter Should Read Together

These fiction and nonfiction reads showcase an eclectic cast of mothers and daughters from past and present. Share the list,...

Here’s the Crazy Way My Valentine’s Day Cards Almost Killed My Brother

When my valentine cards ended up in a 40-feet-well, my brother tried to rescue them—until we had to rescue him....

She Dreaded the First Christmas After Her Husband’s Death. Then, an Unexpected Guest Changed E...

"An incredible peace came over me, and I felt the love of God and family in a new way."

After Being Sick for Two Halloweens in a Row, This Kid Made Up For It in the Best Way

My baby brother wasn’t going to miss Halloween three years in a row.

Meet the Fun New Beach Games You’ll Want to Play All Summer

With just a few simple supplies, you can have a maximum amount of fun during a day at the beach.

Upgrade a Supermarket Bouquet: 9 Tricks to Make Cheap Flowers Look Expensive

Procrastinated again? Here, how to quickly turn a last-minute flower gift into a beautiful arrangement.

Style Your Home for Spring: 12 Easy Decorating Tricks

Make your home bloom with these tiny spring décor hacks.

How to Build a Fireplace Fire in 6 Easy Steps

Build a safe, strong fire that will last for hours with this simple technique.

4 Heartwarming True Tales of Vintage Christmas Kindness

These true stories from readers like you prove that, deep down, Christmas has always been about the joy of giving.

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Winter-Proof Your House and Car: 4 Common Mistakes We All Make

Cutting corners on certain winter habits may leave you with chilly regret.

Hosting the Holidays? 11 Little Things to Do 30 Minutes Before Guests Arrive

The last few minutes before guests arrive don’t have to be a whirlwind. These easy tricks make holiday hosting a...

Thanksgiving Food Fails: 10 Quick Fixes for the Worst Dinner Screw-Ups

Don't give up on your holiday dinner yet! Here, the chef-approved tricks to save anything—from dry turkey to pasty mashed...

Real-Life Ghost Story: Her Husband Had Been Dead For a Year. Then His Handprint Appeared on the Mirror.

This widow's chilling true tale will make you seriously question the afterlife.