Sure, they roll around at the same time every year, but somehow it’s still easy to be caught off-guard. Never again! Whether you’re planning ahead or at the very last minute, these handy holiday guides will help you make the most of your celebrations all year long.

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      14 Christmas Traditions from Around the World That You’ll Want to Steal

      Christmas traditions vary greatly from continent to continent, but you don’t need to take a trip around the world to...

      Crafty: Christmas Tree Out of Reader’s Digest Magazines (PHOTOS)

      Reader's Digest is the perfect size to make this simple, fun, magazine Christmas craft. Fold away!

      Infographic: Learn More About Wine

      There's more to finding the right wine than choosing a white or a red. But moving past that simple distinction...

      Do-It-Yourself Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

      These ways of wrapping are creative enough to surprise you.

      Christmas Stories: The Gold and Ivory Tablecloth

      A pastor’s impulsive purchase leads to an incredible reunion. Coincidence—or divine guidance? You be the judge in this story of...

      8 Last-Minute (and Super Easy!) Christmas Centerpieces

      When it comes to fast and easy time-savers like these stunning table trims, holiday hosts and hostesses will want to...

      7 Thanksgiving Tapas Recipes

      Try something new with small plates for Thanksgiving.

      5 Christmas Presents to Buy This Summer

      There are some things you can buy in the summer, and save an amazing amount of money.

      10 Amazing Burger Recipes

      Mouthwatering burger recipes you'll want to make again and again.

      10 Picnic-Ready Potato Salad Recipes

      Take these on your next picnic.

      21 of the Worst Presents You’ve Ever Gotten

      Everyone has gotten a rotten gift. We asked our readers to share with us the one present that had them...

      5 Stories That Celebrate the Spirit of Giving

      Ten-year-old Riley Christensen and her mother, Lynn, were huddled in front of the family computer, checking out models and prices...

      Top 10 Delicious Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipes

      The editors of Taste of Home share their top 10 breakfast and brunch recipes for Mother's Day.

      Posh Popcorn

      Hot buttered popcorn becomes sublime when paired with a fizzy glass of sparkling wine.

      Daisy Martinez’s Arroz con Gandules

      Food Network host Daisy Martinez shares her favorite Christmas recipe with

      Timetable for Your Hanukkah Dinner

      Follow this plan and your Hanukkah dinner will be a breeze.

      Wouldn’t It Be Great If…

      Seven New Year's resolutions for America -- some lighthearted, some dead serious.

      Trick or Treat! You Need to Learn These 55 Corny Halloween Jokes

      Need to tickle a skeleton’s funny bone? Try one of these.

      Veteran’s Day or Veterans Day: Which Is It?

      Or Veterans' Day, for that matter? On November 11, our country will honor veterans current and past. The only question: To...

      80 Powerful Black History Month Quotes That Will Inspire You and Move You

      Learning about Black History Month can be inspirational, and the quotes below are sure to move and motivate you.

      61 Great Gifts for Your Boyfriend at Every Stage of the Relationship

      When it comes to best gifts for your boyfriend, we've got you covered whether you've been together for six months...

      41 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers, from Beans to Brewers

      Here's the buzz on gifts for coffee lovers that are sure to get your favorite java junkie out of bed...

      70+ Funny Gag Gifts That Can Get Anyone Laughing

      It’s better to give than to receive—especially when it comes to these gag gifts. They’re super affordable, but the reactions...

      If You See a Blue Halloween Bucket During Trick or Treat, This Is What It Means

      Just a bit of knowledge and kindness can go a long way for some kids on Halloween. Here's what to...

      What Are the 12 Days of Christmas and What Do They Mean?

      The song has probably gotten stuck in your head a whole bunch, but have you given any thought to the...