2 Unusual Ways to Use Screening Material

Get rid of paint lumps
You want to do a touch-up paint job, but your used can of paint has some lumps in it. Instead of going through the bother of straining the paint into another container, try this: Cut a circle of screening sized to fit inside the can (use the lid as a guide). Place the screen circle on top of the paint and push it gently down to the bottom with your stir stick. The lumps will now be trapped at the bottom of the can. Stir up the paint and get to work.

Protect newly planted seeds
Who knows what is walking around your garden at night, so protect newly planted seeds by covering them with a sheet of screen material. It also might deter the neighborhood felines from using your nice, fluffy soil as a cat box. When the seedlings emerge, you can bend the screening to make cages.

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