4 Alternative Uses for Your Saltshaker

Cut back on sugar
You can cut back on sugar but still keep your sweet tooth happy if you fill a saltshaker with sugar. For sugar-restricted diets, use your sugar shaker as an alternative to dipping into the sugar bowl, and sprinkle lightly over food.

Use as a cinnamon/sugar dispenser
Cinnamon toast is a great comfort food, and everyone likes it made a certain way. Mix sugar and cinnamon to your taste in a saltshaker. Once you’ve found the proportions you like, you can make it easily and consistently every time. Your cinnamon/sugar shaker is also perfect for sprinkling a little flavor on cereal.

Use for flour-dusting
Baking is sometimes a messy job, so make at least one part of it tidier by putting flour into a large saltshaker. It’s perfect for dusting your cake pans or muffin cups. Keep it neat and keep it handy in the cupboard, especially if you have an aggressively helpful junior chef!

Use to apply dry fertilizer
If you use dry fertilizer, try putting it in a saltshaker to use when fertilizing seedlings. It gives you lots of application control so you can prevent fertilizer burn on your tender babies.

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