4 Ways to Use Old Sheets

Make a beanbag bull’s-eye
Are the kids rained out of their ball game? Here’s one way to ease their disappointment and let them give their pitching arms a workout anyway. Draw a large bull’s-eye on a sheet. Tape the sheet to a wall and let the kids pitch beanbags at it.

Use as a tablecloth
It is your turn to host the whole clan for Thanksgiving. You’re using every table in the house, but you don’t have enough tablecloths. A patterned sheet makes an attractive festive table covering.

Scoop up all those fall leaves
No reason to strain your back by constantly lifting piles of leaves into a wheelbarrow or bag. Just rake the leaves onto a sheet laid on the ground. Then gather the four corners and drag the leaves to the curb or leaf pile.

Wrap up the old Christmas tree
After removing holiday decorations, wrap an old sheet around the tree so that you can carry or pull it out of the house without leaving a trail of pine needles.

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