5 Improved Uses for Plastic Wrap

Treat psoriasis
Here is a method often recommended by dermatologists to treat individual psoriasis lesions. After you apply a topical steroid cream, cover the area with a small piece of plastic wrap and use adhesive tape to affix the wrap to your skin. The wrap will enhance the effect of the steroid, seal in moisture, and inhibit proliferation of the rash.

Enhance liniment effect
For pain in your knee or other sore spots, rub in some liniment and wrap the area with plastic wrap. The wrap will increase the heating effect of the liniment. Make sure to test on a small area first to make sure your skin does not burn.

Keep ice cream smooth
Ever notice how ice crystals form on ice cream in the freezer once the container has been opened? The ice cream will stay smooth and free of those annoying, yucky crystals if you rewrap the container completely in plastic wrap before you return it to the freezer.

Keep fridge top forever clean
Make the next time you clean the top of your refrigerator the last time. After you’ve gotten it all clean and shiny, cover the top with overlapping sheets of plastic wrap. Next time it’s due for a cleaning, all you need do is remove the old sheets, toss them in the trash, and replace with new layers of wrap.

Keep stored paint fresh
Your leftover paint will stay fresh longer if you stretch a sheet of premium plastic wrap over the top of the can before tightly replacing the lid.

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