6 Creative Uses for Flowerpots

Create a firewood container
Who needs an expensive metal or brass rack to hold firewood by the fireplace? Spare yourself the expense and put an extra-large empty ceramic or clay flowerpot beside the hearth. It’s a perfect — and cheap — place to keep kindling and small logs ready for when the weather outside gets frightful.

Unfurl yarn knot-free
That sweater you’re knitting will take forever if you’re constantly stopping to pull out tangles in the yarn. To prevent this, place your ball of yarn under an upturned flowerpot and thread the end through the drain hole. Set it next to where you are sitting for more pleasurable purling.

Create an aquarium fish cave
Some fish love to lurk in shadowy corners of their home aquariums, keeping themselves safe from imagined predators. Place a mini flowerpot on its side on the aquarium floor to create a hideaway cave.

Kill fire ants
If fire ants plague your yard or patio and you’re tired of getting stung by the tiny attackers, a flowerpot can help you quench the problem. Place the flowerpot upside down over the anthill. Pour boiling water through the drain hole and you’ll be burning down their house.

Help container plant roots
The plants that you want to put in that beautiful new deep container you ordered for your patio have a shallow root system, and you don’t want to go to the bother — and expense — of filling that huge container completely with potting soil. What do you do? When planting shallow-rooted plants in a deep container, one easy solution is to find another smaller flowerpot that will fit upside down in the base of the deeper pot and occupy a lot of that space. After you insert it, fill around it with soil before putting in your plants.

Keep soil in your flowerpot
Soil from your houseplant won’t slip-slide away if you place broken clay flowerpot shards in the bottom of the pot before re-planting. When watering your plants, you’ll find that the water drains out, but not the soil.

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