6 Ways to Use Shower Curtains at Home

Line cabinet shelves
Don’t discard your old vinyl shower curtains or tablecloths. Turn them into easy-to-clean shelf liners instead. Simply cut to shelf size and set in place, using some rubber cement to hold them if you prefer. When it’s time for cleaning, just wipe with a damp sponge.

Durable painting drop cloth
Save an old shower curtain liner and use it as a drop cloth the next time you paint a room. The material is heavier and more durable than that used in commercially sold plastic drop cloths!

Protect floor under high chair
Even the best-behaved and cutest babies leave a mess on the floor when they eat. Protect your floor or carpet and make cleanup a breeze. Cut a 36- to 48-inch (about 1-meter) square from an old shower curtain and place it under the baby’s high chair. You can use the leftover scraps to make bibs too.

Cover picnic tables and benches
Don’t let a yucky table or sticky benches spoil your next picnic. Use an old shower curtain as a makeshift tablecloth (or as a tablecloth liner). Bring an extra shower curtain and fold it over a sticky or dirty picnic bench before you sit down to eat.

Protect table when cutting fabric
Next time you’re cutting a pattern on your dining room table, put a shower curtain or plastic tablecloth under it before you cut. The scissors will glide more easily across the surface and you’ll protect the tabletop from an accidental nick.

Block weeds in mulched beds
Those old shower curtains will also come in handy next time you do any landscaping with gravel or bark chips. Just place the shower curtain under the mulching material to prevent annoying weeds from poking through.

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