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Best Closet Organizers You Can Buy on Amazon

To save you time, we did all the hard work for you; compiling a list of the top 15 life-changing closet organizers you'll wish you'd known about sooner.


Best for "worn once" clothes


All those clothes you've worn once that are too clean to toss in the hamper will now have a home, and, hint: it isn't on the back of a chair. InstaHanger's foldaway drying rack is the perfect place to hang things you'll wear again before washing. Made of sturdy metal you receive two racks and each one holds up to 60 pounds. For a more organized wardrobe, you need to stop making these 12 biggest closet organizing mistakes.

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Best for more shelf space

The easiest way to get shelf space into your closet is by hanging this five shelf closet organizer. Use the hooks to hang it from the closet bar or a wire closet organizer. This sturdy organizer is the perfect place to store clothes that can't be hung, like a heavy sweater, or clothes you prefer to fold. Plus, there are six mesh pockets on the side to house small accessories.

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Best for preventing dropped clothes

Streamline the look and functionality of your closet with these 50, heavy-duty, slim, swivel, velvet hangers. Not only do all-of-a-same hanger give your closet a uniform look, but they save space too! The best part is the velvet flocking prevents clothes from slipping off and pooling on the floor of the closet.

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Best for dividing hangers

Copy a clever storage trick from clothing stores by using these pop-on dividers to separate type of clothing, styles, or seasons. Hang one of the 12 write-on dividers between clothes; that way you can easily find what you are looking for.

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Best for preventing toppling piles

Keep those neat piles of folded clothes from toppling by sliding an Evelots shelf separator between the stacks. Not only will you be able to store more by making taller piles, but you won't be frustrated when they fall. You get eight to use between purses, linens, or clothing.

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Best for parking your purses

This hanging handbag organizer by Longterm gives you dust-free storage for ten or more handbags, depending on their size. Simply hang it from the closet bar using the two included stainless steel hooks and you have a convenient spot to store bags when not in use. Love accessories? Check out these clever ways to store jewelry.

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Best for accessories

The S-factor is what makes these pants hangers by Doiown so versatile. Use this set of three hangers for belts, scarves, ties, even statement necklaces, and, of course, pants. Pro tip: use one of the three hangers in the hall closet for seasonal accessories like winter scarves.

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Best for maximizing door space

Put that space on the back of the door to good use with this Simplehousewares over-door pocket organizer. The four, easily accessible, generous size pockets are each 13-inches wide. Effortlessly drop everyday accessories inside and see what's there through the clear windows. Bonus, this also works inside a closet hung on the closet bar.

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Best for doubling hanging space

Imagine doubling your hanging space with a single item—that's exactly what the Simplehousewares closet hanging rod does. No tools are required to install this double hang bar, simply hang it like a clothes hanger and it is ready to use. Now you'll be able to utilize all the available vertical space in the closet.

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Best clever shoe storage

Clear the closet floor with a slim storage tower that gets shoes up at eye level without sacrificing much storage space. No more struggling to find shoes on the floor of the closet. Pro tip: with the floor of the closet mostly clear you can roll in carts or slide in storage containers for more storage options.

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