Clean Your Closet! 16 Things to Finally Get Rid Of

Do yourself a favor and chuck these, please.

Decade-old, holey pajamas


When you look good, you feel good, both on the clock and after hours. (This is the productivity trick some of our greatest thinkers had in common.) Ditch the sweatpants and invest in a cozy matching pajama set in silk or cotton. They'll last for years and you'll feel terrific from the moment you roll out of bed.

The dress you’ve worn to more than six weddings


Or whatever your personal limit is. If your go-to dress is giving you outfit fatigue, take it to the consignment shop and trade it in for a new option, or hand it down to someone who might be looking for a replacement dress in her own closet. These are the outfit mistakes to avoid at any wedding.

Dried nail polish, expired makeup, and trial-sized cosmetics


Do a once-over of your vanity and junk drawer. Is there anything past its prime? Anything you wouldn't dream of putting on your skin? Anything that looks nice but you're already loyal to a different brand's version of the same product? Toss it. Here's how to make your makeup last longer.

Your ex’s anything


That flannel wasn't very soft, anyway. After you throw it out (or send it back), follow the rest of our tips for getting over a breakup.

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Worn-out bras


Most bras lose their shape and should be replaced after about a year. (These are the bra mistakes you need to stop making.) Because a well-fitting bra is the foundation for a great outfit, it should make you feel comfortable and confident. Replace the ones that do anything less.

Wire hangers from the dry cleaners


The hangers you get for free aren't the ones that will treat your clothing kindly. Take dry-cleaned garments out of the plastic so they can breathe, suggests, and invest in wooden or cushioned hangers with a bar for folding pants and clamps to hold skirts.

Sweaters that are misshapen, pilled, or itchy


Because sweaters are likely the bulkiest items in your drawers, edit your collection after each season to make space for new pieces. If you'd like to try and remove pills from a sweater, try doing so with a razor. Here's how.

Free T-shirts


A collection of T-shirts takes up a ton of space, and you probably won't miss them when they're gone. For T-shirts that really do hold sentimental value, consider crafting them into wall art, pillowcases, or even a quilt.

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Fake designer bags


Your knockoff designer bag is probably not fooling anyone. Find a style you love that's within your price range. If labels are important to you, invest in a classic black tote for winter, a tan or white one for summer, and a black cross-body for nights on the town. Here are more ways to make your outfit look expensive.

Orphan mittens and surplus scarves


Use a binder clip or Ziploc bag to keep your gloves together during non-winter months. (Here are more storage hacks you'll wish you knew sooner.) If you do lose one, don't hold onto it hoping its mate will find its way home. Replace them both. For scarves, edit your collection at the end of winter, as they have a way of accumulating as gifts and off-the-cuff purchases. You really only need one or two.

White T-shirts that have yellowed


If you've tried to bleach the stains out and it hasn't worked (don't give up until you've tried these tricks), toss the shirt and replace it with something fresh.

Halloween costumes and props


Chances are, you won't be needing your 2010 Halloween garb ever again. Keep a go-to prop (like a pair of cat ears) for any spontaneous parties, and lose the rest. These are the best Halloween costumes for couples.

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Those canvas totes you got for free


Free things are great. We know. But if you have an entire bag devoted to your collection of other bags, they need to go.

Souvenir sweatshirts that aren’t comfy


If you need a souvenir from a gift shop that only has scratchy sweatshirts, opt for a postcard or stylish pen.

Clothes from another lifetime


Is it a going-out top from your 20s? Maternity wear when you're well past the baby-making stage of life? Exotic get-ups from that summer you spent abroad? You can probably donate them all.

Anything that doesn't fit


Don't put pressure on yourself to fit into your old clothing. Donate and replace. Here how to use clothes that do fit to dress to look thinner.

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