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17 Cleaning Tricks for Hard-to-Clean Household Objects

These easy tricks eliminate and prevent messes in the most inconvenient, hard to clean places, from the inside of your toaster to your purse lining.

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The inside of your purse

Push a lint roller along the bottom of an empty purse to pick up dirt, loose change, and more. Here's how to clean jewelry using only these 12 household items!

What you'll need: Lint roller


Sticky candles

Place a grimy candle inside a stocking and roll it around. The nonabrasive nylon will clean the wax surface without sticking to it. There are so many uses for old socks and stockings, and these 80+ tricks will knock your socks off.

What you'll need: Candles

blindsDmitriy Kiryushchenkov/Shutterstock

Grungy window blinds

Dip a sock into a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. Put it on your hand inside out and use it to clean both sides of window blinds at the same time. You'll want to try these 8 fast cleaning fixes to rid your home of disastrous messes.

Led TV on TV stand with black wallJTaI/Shutterstock

Dingy TV screens

Swipe a coffee filter across dusty and staticky computer monitors and plasma TV screens to remove buildup. Make sure you know these 16 genius cleaning hacks housecleaners use.

What you'll need: Coffee filters

Water tap with sink in modern kitchen.Torsak Thammachote/Shutterstock

A stinky kitchen

Toss orange and lemon peels into the garbage disposal and grind it up for a few minutes to give your kitchen an amazing fresh citrus smell with no work at all. Find out more tricks for cleaning your kitchen in 5 minutes flat.

Old-Sponges-Are-Gross-But-Heres-Why-You-Shouldnt-Throw-Them-Out-152923700-correct-picturescorrect pictures/Shutterstock

Kitchen sink clutter

Clamp a binder clip onto the short end of your sponge. Stand the clip upright on its side to keep the sponge clean, dry, and mold-free. Once it does get dirty, learn the only right way to clean a sponge.

What you'll need: Binder clip, kitchen sponge

The dog is lying on the carpetMiroslava Levina/Shutterstock

Pet hair horrors

Drag a window squeegee (you can find one at any home goods store) across a carpet to remove pet hair. The rubberized blade will quickly lift fur from rug fibers. To avoid a sneezing fit, find out the best pets to get if you have allergies.

What you'll need: Window squeegee

wooden closet with clothes hanging on rail, wardrobe interior designAll About Space/Shutterstock

Dusty clothes

Cut a hole in the center of a cloth napkin and place it over a hanger to keep dust from settling on nice dresses and leather jackets. Then learn how to fix 12 common closet organizing mistakes.

What you'll need: Cloth napkin

Toilet Flushing Water close upTortoon/Shutterstock

That ring around your toilet

Let an Alka-Seltzer tablet sit in the bowl for 20 minutes, and then flush. The citric acid will eliminate rings and stains. Here are some ways you're cleaning your bathroom wrong.

What you'll need: Alka-Seltzer

Different types of glasses for wine on wooden table. Still life concept.Alexandr Karpovich/Shutterstock

Prevent glasses from breaking in the dishwasher

Stretch a rubber band around a wineglass and over the spokes of the dishwasher rack to keep the glass from moving around and breaking during the wash cycle. Here are some more common dishwasher loading mistakes.

What you'll need: Rubber bands

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