21 Brilliant Hacks for Dental Floss You’ll Start Using All the Time

Floss might not be the dental wonder once thought, but it can still come in handy around the home.

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Hang home accents

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Floss is strong and stretchy, making it a great option when you’re hanging accessories around the house. Plus, unlike braided wire, it won’t ruin the paint on the wall behind. Try attaching floss to not-too-heavy paintings, frames, and more. Avoid these common picture hanging mistakes.

Slide off fresh cookies

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There’s a way to take warm cookies off a baking tray without turning them into a crumbled mess—no need to wait for them to cool. Just slide a piece of floss under your baked goods to keep them from sticking, then slide them gently off.

Remove a ring

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When your fingers swell during the day, sliding off a ring can turn into a tough job. To remove your jewelry easily, wrap floss from the ring up to your fingertip. The wrapping will make your digit smaller without cutting off circulation. Check out these other at-home medical procedures you can try in a pinch.

Dry clothes

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Run out of space to air dry your clothes? A piece of dental floss can act as a clothing line in a pinch. Tie it around two stable objects like a shower head or curtain rod and hang your soggy clothes. The floss will be strong enough to hold wet garments. If a missing iron is your problem, read these de-wrinkling solutions.

Slice cake

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Cutting cake with dental floss will give you a straight, mess-free slice that can be impossible with a knife. Just take a piece wider than your cake, and hold it tightly as you press it into your baked masterpiece to create a clean slice. Check out the best way to slice your cake, according to science.

Remove photos from albums

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Photographs have a frustrating tendency to stick to the transparent pages in a photo album, putting them at risk for damage when you want to take them out. Get your hands on the picture without ruining it by sliding a piece of floss in the page to separate the photo from it. Don't miss these tips for looking better in photos.

Protect luggage

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Keep your suitcase and other bags closed in lieu of a zip-tie by wrapping floss through two side-by-side zippers. The floss will act as an extra barrier to protect the content of your baggage from strangers’ sticky fingers. Here are more household items that make traveling way easier.

String jewelry

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When your favorite necklace breaks, quickly restring it with a piece of dental floss. You can also let your kids thread beads and macaroni through floss for homemade jewelry. Don't miss these easy fixes for wardrobe malfunctions.

Clean tight spaces

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The dust between keyboard keys or in furniture details can be tough to attack. Wrap floss around your fingers like you would for your teeth, then guide it into tight spaces to lift away dirt and dust.

Cut soft cheese

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Soft cheeses like goat cheese can turn into a mushed mess if you try to cut slices with a knife. Get neat pieces by guiding a piece of floss down the cheese—it works even better than a cheese cutter.

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