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17 Hair Dryer Hacks That Can Make Your Life Easier

This nifty bathroom essential can do a lot more than just dry your hair.

Use your hair dryer to: Dry things before you pack them

Have an early flight to catch but want to sneak in a last minute shower before you’re covered in plane germs? Simply dry off your loofa or sponge with a hairdryer after your shower and pop it in your suitcase. Dry, clean, and ready to go.

Use your hair dryer to: Remove a bandage

Apply heat to the adhesive before removing it. This will make it less sticky and less painful to peel off.

Use your hair dryer to: Heat up leftovers

If your hotel room doesn’t have a microwave, heat up leftovers with the hairdryer. Here's how to reheat leftovers for the best taste.

Use your hair dryer to: Get wrinkles out

Remove wrinkles from clothes, table clothes, and shower curtains. Spray them a few times with water and then blast them with hot air until the fabric is wrinkle free.

Use your hair dryer to: Defrost

Thaw frozen vegetables or meat from the freezer. This is perfect for when meat gets frozen together. After a minute or two of being blow dried it will easily separate.

Use your hair dryer to: Remove water rings from furniture

Put the nozzle attachment on the hairdryer and point it at the stain. Begin blowing cool air on it and slowly increase the heat until the stain is gone.

Use your hair dryer to: Loosen tight screws

Simply blast the screw with hot air for a few seconds and it should easily come out.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest