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17 Homemade Carpet Cleaners You Probably Already Have in Your House

Before calling an expensive cleaning service, DIY it with these trusted common household solutions to help wipe out all kinds of tough carpet stains, from red wine to pet urine.

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baking sodaicarmen13/shutterstock

Best DIY carpet cleaners for bodily fluids: Baking soda

Out of all homemade carpet cleaners, baking soda is your best choice to quickly clean vomit or urine stains from your carpet. Wipe up what you can, then pour baking soda over the affected area and pat with a paper towel. Let the homemade mixture dry completely before vacuuming up the residue. Baking soda will clean, sanitize, and deodorize the messy spot. Baking soda can also be used to lift grease stains when combined with equal parts salt. Sprinkle the mixture over the grease spot, and use a stiff brush to work the powdery concoction into the spot. Let sit for 4 or 5 hours and then vacuum up to completely remove the stain. You can clean your oven glass using baking soda as well!

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Best carpet spot cleaner for blood: Meat tenderizer

Scraped knees leave blood stains on your carpet? Cover the stain with equal parts cold water and meat tenderizer and let this homemade remover stand for 30 minutes. Sponge off with cold water. Check out these other ways to remove blood stains as well.

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club sodadonfiore/shutterstock

Best carpet stain remover for tough stains: Club soda

Club soda works wonders on pet urine and other tough stains. Immediately blot up excess urine with paper towels, then soak with club soda, blot again, and scrub with diluted carpet shampoo. Club soda also removes spilled coffee and tea stains; simply pour liberally over the stain and blot to dry. Here are some other genius uses for club soda.

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wipesYevhen Prozhyrko/shutterstock

Best stain remover for all fabrics: Baby wipes

Use baby wipes to blot up spills from your rug or carpet; they make great homemade carpet cleaners, absorbing both the liquid and the stain. Wipes can also be effectively deployed as a homemade stain remover when attacking various spills and drips on your clothing and upholstered furniture.

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toothbrushYulia YasPe/shutterstock

Best DIY carpet cleaner for deep stains: Toothbrushes

Removing a stain can be a pain, especially one that has soaked deep down into soft fibers. To remove those deep stains, try using a soft-bristled nylon toothbrush, dabbing it gently to work in the stain-removing agent (bleach or vinegar, for example) until the stain is gone. Here are some other things you should be cleaning with a toothbrush.

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ice cubesVarran/shutterstock

Best DIY carpet cleaner for gum: Ice cubes

Chewing gum somehow end up stuck to the fibers of your carpet? Ice cubes could be the homemade carpet stain remover you need. Freeze the gum first with ice cubes in a plastic bag, then scrape with a butter knife and blot with trichloroethylene, a dry-cleaning fluid. Here are some more genius uses for ice cubes.


Best carpet spot cleaner for oil stains: Dry-cleaning fluid

Dry-cleaning fluid is excellent at removing grease, lipstick, butter, and mysterious oily fingerprints. Blot up excess oil with a paper towel, and then work the fluid into the stain, moving from the edges to the center.

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paint sprayjamrazy/shutterstock

Best DIY carpet cleaner for paints and polishes: Paint remover

For spilled nail polish, paint, or leaked ink, dab gently with paint remover. If that fails, try dabbing with dry-cleaning fluid. Next, check out some more great ways to clean your home, chemical-free!

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