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How to Marie Kondo, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Bring joy into your home by getting the clutter out in a way that suits your sign.

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Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Another sign that loves to adventure is Aquarius; Aquarians are always finding something new to fascinate them or creating new projects. However, their overflow of imagination and intelligence might lead to chaos. "Your place can be like a colorful museum of your travels and adventures," Stellhorn. "If you have lots of things, use your vertical space as much as possible. Hang things up. Create an art gallery on your walls." Instead of leaving your treasures and gadgets just anywhere, use your sense of creativity to turn a mess into a marvel.

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Pisces (February 19-March 20)

"As a combination of sentimentality and creative energy, you can collect a lot of stuff," Stellhorn says to Pisces. Because of this, it can be very hard for Pisces to declutter because they don't want to let things go—even if they're useless. Start with the small things and work your way up. This is where you'll really need to channel your inner Marie Kondo and ask, "Does this really bring me joy?" Stellhorn also advises that you take items you're on the fence about and put them in a box with a certain date on it. If you haven't touched the box by the time the date passes, that means it can be donated to one of these places that take just about anything.

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