Maintaining Your Closet

Keeping closets well-ordered takes some discipline, but you can make it easier on yourself by following a few sensible steps.

  • Set a schedule for closet vacuuming and tidying up clutter. Work a different
    closet into your cleaning routine each week. Vacuum the floor and put away any unstored items, such as dirty laundry or shoes. Give children an incentive, such as a sticker or a special privilege, for tidying up their own closets.

  • Clean out your closet periodically. Once or twice a year, look through your frequently-used closets for clothes that you no longer need or for seldom-used items that could be transferred to long-term storage elsewhere in the house. Get rid of shoes, bags, and clothing you don’t wear (donate them to a homeless shelter or other charitable organization). If seasonal clothing takes up too much room, set up a separate storage area in another closet or in a dry basement.
  • Reevaluate. Periodically, check to see if your closet organization really works. Are your shoes easy to get to? Are your sweaters getting wrinkled from the way they are stacked? If so, you may have to reorganize a bit. For example, if a closet clothes hamper takes up space that you need for shoe racks, get a hamper that hangs over the door or buy a handsome wicker one for the bedroom or bathroom.

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