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18 Things You Never Knew You Could Fix with Nail Polish

How to make the most of your nail polish, from wedding day dress emergencies to handy ways to fix a chipped tile.

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Smooth out slightly splintered wood

Seal a wooden surface with a coat of clear nail polish (for stained wood surfaces, first find a color that matches the wood). The new finish will stop supplies such as wooden hangers from snagging clothes and keep fingers splinter-free. Here's how to remove a splinter using adhesive tape.

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Waterproof your garden labels

Make plant labels waterproof by coating them in clear nail polish. You'll never have to Google how often to water your herb garden again. This trick also works for waterproofing address labels on packages. Try these expert gardening tips for beginners.

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Prevent rust stains

Coat the bottom of metal cans (think shaving cream and hair spray) with clear nail polish to prevent rust from developing and staining your sink or medicine cabinet.

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Stop a run in tights in its tracks

Keep a small hole from spreading by dabbing the run with clear nail polish. Try these tricks for solving common wardrobe malfunctions.

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Fix peeling pearl buttons

Coat (fake) pearls with clear nail polish to stop them from peeling. Here's how to clean your own jewelry at home.

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Prevent frayed fabric from getting worse

Tame frayed fabric, such as the wisps on the cuffs of a nylon-lined jacket or the tiny broken threads on the bottom of a well-worn wool pencil skirt, with clear polish.

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Stop a cracked windshield from getting worse

Stop a small windshield crack in its tracks with clear polish. Working in the shade, paint the crack on both sides of the glass. Move the car into the sun to allow it to dry. You'll eventually need to repair the windshield, but in the meantime, use polish to buy time and shop around for the best estimate.  Try these tricks to clean your car.

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Treat an unraveling shoelace

Dip an unraveling shoelace in clear nail polish. Twist it back into shape and allow it to dry.

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Protect tarnish-prone costume jewelry

Prevent costume jewelry from tarnishing by brushing over it with clear nail polish. This hack will also stop skin discoloration and irritation from cheap jewelry.

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Seal an envelope

Seal an envelope with a brush of nail polish. For a fun letter, such as a party invitation or thank you note, use a bright color.

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