9 Brilliantly Easy Ways to Reuse K-Cups

From craft and office supplies, to screws and nails, K-Cups are the perfect size for small items that need to be tossed into a space for safe keeping.

Rinse them out first

organizerCourtesy Lindsey Galvez/ So Easy Being GreenThe first step in each of these uses is to empty the used coffee grounds and wash out the small, white plastic cup. You can also reuse the used grounds by tossing them into a composting bowl or bin. Using the empty cups as small organization containers is simple, but effective.

Bath bombs

bathCourtesy Lindsey Galvez/ So Easy Being GreenBath bombs are certainly popular right now, but there's no need to buy expensive molds. You can use your disposable coffee brewer cups! Simply put a dot of hot glue over the hole at the bottom and follow any of these bath bomb recipes. In addition to bath bombs, you can also create your own DIY toilet cleaner tablets that make cleaning the toilet effortless and scrub-free.

Seed starters

flowerCourtesy Lindsey Galvez/ So Easy Being GreenYour K-Cups are the perfect size for starting seeds indoors and they already have a drain hole. Once your sprouting plants are a couple of inches tall, you can simply transfer them to your garden outside or a larger pot. Working on improving your green thumb? Check out these 10 tips for planting your indoor garden.

DIY frozen fruit pops

popsicleCourtesy Lindsey Galvez/ So Easy Being GreenIf you're looking for a way to keep your kiddos hydrated and cool on hot days, make your own frozen fruit pops. You'll want to add a dot of hot glue to cover the whole in the bottom of your washed, empty cup. Then fill with your favorite fruit juice, even adding in sliced fresh fruit if you choose. To keep your stick in straight, simply cover the top of the cup with a small square of aluminum foil and poke it through. After about four hours in the freezer, you'll have healthy, delicious frozen fruit treats. And when you're done, here are 8 clever ways to reuse those Popsicle sticks.

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Card holder for kids

unoCourtesy Lindsey Galvez/ So Easy Being GreenDoes your family love to play card games, but sometimes little hands just can't seem to hold onto all the cards? With this simple, genius hack, it'll never be a problem again: Just turn the K-Cup upside down and cut a slit from the bottom to almost all the way to the rim. Slide the cards in and enjoy game night with your little ones.

Frozen herbs

herbCourtesy Lindsey Galvez/So Easy Being GreenIf you find yourself not being able to use an entire package or clipping of herbs from the garden before they go bad, you can freeze them. That's just one of the many ways on how to store herbs and K-Cups are the perfect mold for this too. Once frozen, simply pop them out into a freezer bags so they're ready to go for a quick dinner any day of the week. You can use water to freeze your herbs, but you can also freeze with olive oil and a bit of garlic so your frozen herbs can be popped right into the pan ready for a saute. Here are more clever hacks for storing those herbs.

Paint cups

paintCourtesy Lindsey Galvez/So Easy Being GreenIt's simple, but K Cups are amazingly useful when it comes to keeping those paint colors from getting mixed. Love playing with paint? Then check out these upcycled paint chip art ideas.

Flower pots

craftsCourtesy Lindsey Galvez/ So Easy Being GreenThese adorable flowers couldn't be easier to make and inspire so much creativity: Have kids paint, glue on sequins, and add pipe cleaners for stems. Use them to create a lovely flower garden on paper or attach a magnet to the back for a refrigerator full of your child's artwork. Here's how to make them: Cut the rim off your K-Cup. Cut a slit from the top of the cup all the way to the bottom. Make six more slits around, just about 1/2 inch apart. Cut the ends rounded, pointy, or however you want your flowers to look.

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DIY blind bags

bagsCourtesy Lindsey Galvez/ So Easy Being GreenBlind bags are hugely popular with kids today and this is a DIY take on making your own blind bags for a reward system. Fill your cups with small toys, candy, and even coins. Cut small squares of tissue paper and dab a bit of hot glue around the top edge of the K-Cups. Then go around and trim off excess tissue paper. When your child does well at school, completes a chore, or practices a type of positive behavior you want to reinforce, reward them with a blind cup! They get to punch through and get a surprise. These would also be a great DIY Advent Calendar around the holidays.

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