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14 Spring-Cleaning Secrets from Professional Organizers

After the dreariness of winter is over, it's time to get your closet in tip-top shape for spring. Here's how.

Different shoes on shelves of wardrobe closetAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

 Divide and conquer

“I've worked hands-on with so many clients and they all tell me the same thing—they tend to pull everything out of their closets and then they run out of time and they push it all back in, which makes it worse than it was to begin with. So my suggestion to them is to divide and conquer. On a Saturday morning do your shoes, at other times do your slacks. People have told me that breaking it up into small projects has changed their life."
—Mary Pankiewicz, professional organizer and author of You Can Be Clutter-Free & Organized

takes out clothing wool sweater with wardrobeDmytro Vietrov/Shutterstock

Tidy up your top shelf

"Those who stack sweaters and T-shirts on shelves in their closets know it can become a jumbled mess, since stacks often fall over. For those clients, I recommend the Slide N Stax Clothing Organizer. It is amazing because it is a plastic clear piece with sides and a bottom that fits on the top shelf and you can just bring that one piece down when you need something, instead of tipping over your stacked items." —Beth Levin, professional organizer, Closet Queen. Be sure to never, ever miss these 11 spots when spring cleaning.

Big wardrobe with different clothes for dressing roomAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

 Group, group, group

“I would always recommend grouping 'like with like.' It enables people to find items quickly. All tank tops together, all capri pants together in one area. Some people like to group items by sleeve length—and there are a few in the spring and summer seasons. I've even seen people use color-coded hangers but I don't recommend it—too time-consuming." —Stacey Agin Murray, professional organizer, Organized Artistry. These are things professional organizers would never do in their homes.

An assortment of different colorful neckties each with a different style and patternDereje/Shutterstock

 Bag-and-tie overload?

“Purses on shelves tend to get messy. For those who have wall space in their closets, a great solution would be to purchase belt racks (available at the Container Store) and hang them vertically instead of horizontally. That way, the bottoms of the purses don't bunch up in the same place. This also works great for ties!" —Beth Levin

Two old suitcases and a brick white wallArtem Postoev/Shutterstock

 Short on space?

“Look around your home for things that are going unused, that might be empty—like file drawers—and store things away in there. I have had a lot of clients that collect old suitcases and use them for storage—those don't take up much room." —Ann Bingley Gallops, professional organizer, The Organized Life. Check out these spring cleaning tasks you can do in just one minute.

Row of women's clothes hanging in closetGrzegorz Placzek/Shutterstock

 Hanger trick

“Some of my clients love this tip: When you get out your spring clothes, put the hangers in backward on the rod but then when you wear a piece of clothing, hang it up facing the front. At the end of the season, you'll know what you've never worn."  —Mary Pankiewicz, professional organizer and author of You Can Be Clutter-Free & Organized

Many color blank sticky note wall backgroundSU1000/Shutterstock

 Flag it!

“Place Post-it colored flags facing out on each piece of clothing in your closet. Take the Post-it off when you wear an item. At the end of spring/summer, you'll be able to see what you wore and didn't. You can then determine whether those items can be donated—you'll get tax benefits—or consigned for money." —Beth Levin, professional organizer, Closet Queen


 Personalize in a snap

“Use clear shoe boxes for hair accessories and lightweight scarves you'll use throughout the spring and summer. You can even use a clear bin for small tank tops, shorts, etc. Take a Polaroid or cut out a magazine photo and tape it so you know what's in the box. Those are fun and it will make getting to things so easy." —Beth Levin

Vacuum compress bag for clothes and expanded your space suitcase. PJjaruwan/Shutterstock

 Miracle space savers

“I grew up in an apartment and we had to get creative with our winter clothing storage. One solution is to purchase Space Bags (available at the Container Store and Bed, Bath and Beyond) and then suck the air out of them. The clothes then take up much less space and can be placed under a bed, a couch, or on a high shelf. Also, some local dry cleaners will store winter clothes for people (as long as they're dry cleaning them for you, too)." —Stacey Agin Murray, professional organizer, Organized Artistry. Check out these tips for spring cleaning your house in just one day.

White wire hangers on an empty clothes rack. Selective focus. Jelena990/Shutterstock

 Dump your wire hangers

“When it comes to hangers, Joan Crawford and I are on the same page—no wire hangers, ever! They ruin clothes and are only meant to be temporary. I am a personal fan of 'crystal hangers.' They are great for hanging tops without causing those 'shoulder bumpies' that can ruin a perfectly good shirt. Many of my clients ask me about 'huggable hangers' sold on QVC or HSN. I think they're good if you wear silk-ish kind of blouses or a lot of tank tops. They're touted as a space saver because they're so thin.'—Stacey Agin Murray

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