Super Uses for Sandwich and Freezer Bags

Freeze a washcloth for a cold pack
It’s hard to predict when someone in your household will next suffer a burn, teething pain, or another bump or scrape. Be ready. Freeze a wet washcloth in a sandwich or freezer bag. Pull it out of the freezer the next time someone needs some cold care.

Protect your padlocks
When the weather is cold enough to freeze your padlocks on the outdoor shed or garage, remember that a sandwich bag can help. Slip one over the lock and you’ll avoid frozen tumblers.

Display baby teeth
Your daughter has lost her first tooth and wants to show it off. You don’t want to lose that precious memento of this important rite of passage. Place it in a sealable plastic bag. She can easily display it, and you won’t worry about the tooth getting lost.

Make baby wipes for pennies
You could buy the outrageously expensive baby wipes at the store or purchase some in bulk and hope they don’t dry out before you use them up. Or you can just take the thrifty parent’s way out: Make your own baby wipes by placing soft paper towels in a sealable bag with a mixture of 1 tablespoon gentle antibacterial soap, 1 teaspoon baby oil, and 1/3 cup water. Use enough of the mixture just to get the wipes damp, not drenched.

Starch craft items
You’ve just completed that handmade Christmas stocking for your grandchild. But the last fabric ornaments to attach need to be starched. Throw them in a sealable plastic bag that contains a bit of starch. Shake until covered, remove, and let dry. Save the starch in the bag for your next craft project.

Feed the birds
Be kind to the birds in your yard during the lean winter months. Mix some birdseed with peanut butter in a sealable plastic bag. Seal the bag and mix the ingredients by kneading the outside of the bag. Then place the glob in a small net bag or spread on a pinecone. Attach to a tree and await the grateful flock.

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