6 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags

Got extra plastic bags? Don’t throw them away — reuse them in creative ways.

1. The cat’s meow

Plastic bags make changing cat litter easier — dump the box into the bag and the bag into the trash.

2. Diaper duty

Carry some bags when you’re away from home with the baby — they can be used as garbage bags for soiled diapers.

3. Traveler’s tip

Use old plastic bags to stash your dirty clothes when you’re traveling. This will keep your suitcase neater and smelling fresh. It also makes unpacking a breeze — carry your bags of dirty laundry straight to the washing machine.

4. Soak it in

Want a quickie manicure? Coat your hands with a moisturizer and cover them with plastic bags for 15 minutes. The plastic will keep in your body’s warmth, and your hands will emerge soft.

5. Bury them

If you have a large planter to fill, crumple plastic bags to fill the bottom of the container first (keep the drainage hole clear!). Then fill the rest of the planter with potting soil. The planter will be lighter and therefore easier to move.

6. Ship ’em out

Use bags as packing material to ship fragile items. Stuff the box full to support the item enclosed, and your recipient will be grateful that you didn’t use messy foam peanuts when she unwraps with ease.

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