8 Home Decorating Rules You Need to Follow After Age 30

Making your apartment more grownup is important when looking for love, or even to be taken seriously as an adult. These decorating tricks can help.

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Think big when it comes to accessories

01_Big_Subtle_ways_your_home_isnt_grownistock/Scovad This doesn't require a lot of money; it requires knowing how to properly accessorize. "Get rid of all those trinkets you have everywhere! It just looks like clutter," says Celebrity Interior Designer Lori Halprin, owner of Envision Design Group. The biggest mistake people make is that they buy their accessories too small. "For instance, instead of putting three framed pictures over your sofa, use one big colorful framed painting," says Halprin. "Large pieces give the illusion your place is really bigger than it actually is," says Halprin. Check out these other decorating tips to make your home look expensive.

Add some light

02_Light_Subtle_ways_your_home_isnt_grown_istock/KatarzynaBialasiewicz If your apartment is dark, hang a large mirror to reflect the light, says Halprin. Not a small or medium mirror either. Make it a great big statement piece! Find out all the decorating secrets interior designers won't tell you for free.

More than a place to sleep

03_More_Subtle_ways_your_home_isnt_grown_istock Is your bedding inviting? "Ask yourself this question immediately. Does it say, "Come on in!" or "No thank you,'" asks Taylor Spellman, interior designer and host of Yours Mine or Ours on Bravo. You don't want it to have so many throw pillows it looks like a museum-piece or, on the other end of the spectrum, if all you have is a mattress and a box spring, consider a headboard or dust ruffle.

Lean towards neutrals

04_Neutral_Subtle_ways_your_home_isnt_grownistock/poligonchik Color is a great way to express yourself but going overboard with color and pattern can feel like too much in a smaller area. "Choose a soothing, neutral color palette with pops of color to maximize your space," says Kristy Woodson Harvey, design and lifestyle expert of mydesignchic.com. Here's how to create a stunning color scheme in your home.

Keep it clean and simple

05_Clean_Subtle_ways_your_home_isnt_grownistock/PeopleImages Keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free. "First impressions are everything, and you don't want to air your dirty laundry (literally!) the first time someone sees your home," says Woodson Harvey. Plus, simple actions like making your bed every morning can be a wonderful boost for your frame of mind, which can only help you to put your best foot forward when it comes to every aspect of your life. Try these tiny storage hacks to banish clutter.

Grown-up glassware

06_Glass_Subtle_ways_your_home_isnt_grown_istock/PeopleImages It was fine in college for your glassware to be nine mismatched plastic cups bearing the logos of your favorite sports teams. "As an adult, real glasses are a necessity. You don't need many, but four regular glasses and four wine glasses are a great start," says Woodson Harvey.

Exorcise photos of your ex

07_EX_Subtle_ways_your_home_isnt_grownistock/mactrunk "Make sure you do not have any sign of your ex around the house. This is a huge red flag for potential love interests and we want to hide as many of those as possible," says Spellman.

Be an entertainer

08_Drink_Subtle_ways_your_home_isnt_grown_istock/sergeyryzhov An amazing bar cart gives a grown-up flair of sophistication. "Part of being an adult is entertaining in your home. Display crystal glasses, an ice bucket, and your favorite bottle of vodka," says Halprin. That also means you need a stocked fridge. "If you're single, you need to be ready at a moment's notice to invite someone back to your place. Always keep the fridge stocked with a couple of bottles of wine, a few good beers and the necessities for a good snack/appetizer," says Woodson Harvey. A nice, simple cheese plate with grapes is a great option.
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