30 Easter Crafts to Brighten Any Home

From paper flowers to Peeps, these easy Easter crafts and decorating ideas are fun for kids and adults alike.

Bunny Candy Jars

Courtesy Torie Jayne

A little bit of paint and some toy hares can go far with this great Easter craft from Patchwork Harmony. Glue a toy to the top of a jar lid and spray paint. Once dry, fill with candy. Check out this guide to having the ultimate Easter brunch.

Egg Terrarium

Courtesy Brittany Jepsen

Make a teensy terrarium with this two-second Easter craft from The House That Lars Built. Take a clear plastic egg, fill it with moss, and add a small flower or personal trinket. Place them around the house for little bit of greenery.

Nest Table Settings

Courtesy Sarah Faubus

Dress up your Easter dinner with dollar-store staples (in disguise!). The genius siblings at Boxwood Clippings bought small nests from a local craft store to fill with egg-shaped treats. Frame each nest with a doily and a coffee filter, then add a card with each guest's name.

Bunny Vase

Courtesy Please Note

Fake a Chia Pet for this quirky Easter craft from Please Note. Sprinkle dirt into a small vase and top with a moss-covered Styrofoam rabbit (you can buy one on Etsy). Add a few small eggs or round stones for visual interest and texture.

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Pipecleaner Finger Puppets

Woo! Jr

Tightly wrap a pipecleaner around your finger to create the body of a bunny, chick, or kitten. Glue a pom pom head, googly eyes, and wings or bunny ears. Craft how-tos »

Candy Terrarium

Courtesy Amy Mikkelsen of Your Southern Peach

Make an edible (and magical) little world for your Easter guests. Your Southern Peach crafts a confectionary terrarium with a mason jar, fun for decorating now and munching on later.

Peanut Butter Buttons

Courtesy The Curvy Carrot

Make these no-bake snacks from The Curvy Carrot when you are craving Easter candy. The ingredients are simple: Mini pretzels, white candy melts, Reese’s Pieces Pastel Eggs, and sprinkles. Craft them together and enjoy!

Easter Peeps Wreath


Easy! Wrap a wreath form with ribbon, and pin the ends underneath. Glue or pin on the Easter Peeps. Loop extra ribbon to hang. Craft how-tos »

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Cheap Peeps Centerpiece

A Little Loveliness

Place a small container or jar inside a vase, then line the gap with bunny Peeps. Fill the jar with spring flowers. Tip: try this candy-flower display for other holidays, too. Craft how-tos »

Jelly Bean Topiary

Crafty Sisters

Glue pastel jelly beans to a small Styrofoam ball skewered with a dowel. Anchor into floral foam, place topiary into a decorated flower pot and cover with moss. Craft how-tos »

Easter Sock Bunnies

A Creative Cookie

Fill a colorful sock with dry rice and tie off the top with a rubber band. Wrap a ribbon around the "neck." Cut round ears, add a felt face, and a pom pom tail. Craft how-tos »

Chocolate Easter Egg Nests

Life and Kitchen

Dip a spoon in melted chocolate, and set on parchment or wax paper. Add three candy eggs, then scatter chocolate sprinkles to make the nest. Craft how-tos »

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Paint Chip Easter Garland

Modern Parents Messy Kids

Modern: Cut eggs out of paint chips, punch two holes in the top of each egg, and string together to form a garland. Craft how-tos »

Adorably Fluffy Easter Chicks

Chez Larsson

Use toothpicks, buttons, and cut eggshells to embellish and outfit Easter chicks. Craft how-tos »

Easter Candy Flowers

Live Laugh Rowe

Cut paper flowers, and use cupcake liners to create a daffodil. Fill with your favorite Easter candy. Craft how-tos »

Pasta Nests

Courtesy Lady and the Blog

For this fun food DIY idea from Lady and the Blog, pick up some wide rice noodles, candy melting wafers, and almonds to make this adorable Easter craft.

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Peep Sushi

Courtesy Robyn Lee, Via Serious Eats

Serious Eats impressed the Internet with their Peepshi (or Peep Sushi). The ingredients are super simple for this Easter craft: 1 box of Rice Krispies Treats, 1 box of Fruit By The Foot, and 6 Peeps. Enjoy!

Peep S’mores

Courtesy Steamy Kitchen

For an excuse to eat this summer camp treat at Easter, try it with colorful Peeps! The pastel hues that Steamy Kitchen used feel cheery and festive.

Polka-Dot Easter Egg Decorations

stay-at-home artist

Using circular Avery labels as a stencil for polka dots makes painted eggs worthy of a centerpiece. Craft how-tos »

Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs

Homemade Serenity

Dye Easter eggs using scraps of old silk ties and shirts, boiling them in a water-vinegar mixture to transfer the silk pattern to the eggshell. Craft how-tos »

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Yarn Easter Egg Wreath

The Sweet Survival

Glue a small roll of yarn to wrap a plastic Easter egg. Set in an Easter basket, or glue to a wreath. Craft how-tos »

Fabric Scrap Fabergé Egg

Alisa Burke

Brighten up Easter baskets: Attach fabric scraps to plastic Easter eggs with fabric glue. Add a little rolled fabric flower to the top. Craft how-tos »

Carrot Silverware Bundles

A Diamond in the Stuff

Brighten up Easter brunch with orange napkins wrapped around green cutlery. Craft how-tos »

Carrot Paper Garland

Lisa Storms

Strips of orange and green paper form a carrot, perfect for stringing into a garland. Craft how-tos »

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Shaving Cream Easter Cards

Little Wonders Days

Use shaving cream and acrylic paint to create marbled cardstock or construction paper Easter eggs. These make perfect Easter cards or even name cards for brunch. Craft how-tos »

Googly Eye Easter Eggs

Scrappin Danielle

Give Easter eggs personality by cutting off the stems from artificial flowers and gluing the flowers and goggly eyes to hard-boiled eggs. Craft how-tos »

Easter Bunny and Carrot Eggs

Live Laugh Rowe

Glue googly eyes, a pink pom pom nose, and white foam bunny ears to a hard-boiled egg and use a marker to draw on bunny whiskers and eyelashes. Or soak hard-boiled eggs in orange dye for 15-20 minutes until vibrant. Wrap together a bundle of green raffia and glue it as a stem. Craft how-tos »

Peeps Bunny Bunting

Dana Made It

Cut bunny Peeps from felt and use a pencil eraser to paint on eyes and a nose. Sew the Peeps onto ribbon to hang. Craft how-tos »

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Yarn Easter Egg

Easter-Egg-YArnCourtesy SixSisterStuff.com

Create colorful and unique easter eggs to lay around your house with yarn. Follow the 5 easy steps on Six Sisters' Stuff to make yours.

Easter Mason Jars

Easter-Mason-Jars-3Courtesy Melissa Mondragon

Create these festive mason jars from No. 2 Pencil. Fill them with flowers, candy, or easter eggs!

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