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35 Home Decor Horrors You Can’t Look Away From

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and these home decor doozies are prime examples.

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African queen

Ornate? You could say that. This home located in Missouri feels like a safari in Africa. The listing says it has a 550,000-piece mosaic wood floor made out of oak, walnut, and ebony. The floor features a 17-foot long, 20,000-piece African crocodile, too. It's really quite the adventure to wander through the listing and photos. Check out some other strange houses across the country.

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Pirate's cove

If you like full-sized pirate mannequins then this should be on your short list of houses to look at. It might feel like someone is watching you for the first few months, though. Find out the 13 sneaky signs someone is watching your house to avoid any pirates from looting your booty.

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Stone walls

This house in the Netherlands seems like it belongs in another country. There are stone walls throughout the place and several interesting art pieces, like the Scarface painting in this shot. This designer should probably brush up on the 15 outdated home trends to avoid at all costs.

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So many lines

The wrought-iron railing leads your eye all over the place and the lights on the wall don't help. Then there are the sleek curves of the door. It's all a little disorientating for an entryway—pretty much the exact opposite of these decorating tips for a stress-free home.

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Multitask like nobody's business

This might fit into a home inspector horror story gallery but it's hard to imagine what it’s like trying to cook scrambled eggs when you've got a load of whites going in the washer. Of course, the washer and dryer location might be convenient if you get a stain on your favorite shirt.

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The bed blends in

Instead of worrying whether the bed frame will blend in with the carpet, just add the carpet to the bed frame. It won't look unusual. Find out what your home decor reveals about you.

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Sold for … $1 million?!?!?

The real estate market in Australia must be hotter than any market in the United States because this fixer-upper was on the market for just over $1 million, which in U.S. dollars is still more than $760,000 for a two-bed, one-bath. This one has a long list of projects but learn the home renovation projects that really do improve a home’s value.

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What happens when you can't find the remote?

A TV in the bedroom is great but this one takes it to new heights. It seems like with such an extravagant house there could be a flat screen installed that hangs from the ceiling. But then again there are some anachronistic details in this home like the track lighting, too. These vintage home trends that will take you way back shouldn't be in today's homes!


Where's the moat?

We get it, your home is your castle ... but don’t take that thought to the extreme like this home. If you want to get an idea of what real castles look like then check out these gorgeous castles that you can actually rent on Airbnb!

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The cleaning attempt will be noted

Cleaning is a pain, no doubt about it, but maybe the after picture might work better in the listing rather than the in progress shot we've got here. Make cleaning a whole lot easier with these secrets of people who always have a clean house.

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