Simple Kids Crafts That Are Fun to Make and Great to Gift

Forget fingerpainting! Here are a handful of fast, cute, and trendy DIY projects that the whole family can get into.

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Yarn Words

Courtesy Teri via Giddy Giddy

It’s amazing how yarn scraps and pipe cleaners are all you and the kids need to spell out sweet, colorful sayings. Twist chenille stems to shape a word, suggests Irene Hoofs of Bloesem, then wrap with yarn to secure and bulk up letters. Hang when you're done, tuck it in a bookshelf—or use this simple craft as a holiday-photo prop.

Superhero Terrarium

Courtesy Ariela Pelaia

Try a fresh take on the terrarium trend with this comic-inspired craft from Sweet Happy Life. It all comes together in a few minutes with some clean sand, a jar or small vase, a miniature figure, a small succulent plant, and semi precious stones (optional) . Swap out the figures and you'll keep the scene exciting for the kids.

Teeny Clay Pots

Courtesy Rachel Jacks

As a clay crafter, I promise these adorable pots are so simple—and so rewarding to decorate on a windowsill or hang in a DIY macramé planter! To make an itsy bitsy flowerpot, take polymer clay, a melon baller (or any kind of scooping tool), and a knife, according to Rachel of Transient Expression. Once you've got them shaped, just pop in the oven to harden.

Lava Lamps


These trippy hippie vessels are still as relevant—and addicting to look at—as ever. Stephanie Smith of S. L. Smith Photography makes her own kid-friendly version with empty water bottles (Voss brand looks particularly awesome), food coloring, vegetable oil, and Alka Seltzer.

Sparkle Snow Globe

Courtesy Meera Lee Patel

In seconds, you can turn your favorite travel tchotchkes into worlds of their own with this project from my DIY book, InstaCraft. Rinse out a small glass jar and let dry. Use a strong glue to secure a small figure to the inside of the jar lid. Once the lid has dried, fill the jar with water and a healthy handful of glitter. Screw lid onto the jar, give it a shake, and place upside down for a whimsical memory globe.

DIY Magnet Maze

Courtesy Rubyellen Bratcher of Cakies

Who knew that a paper plate could morph into your child’s favorite toy? The creator of My Cakies offers a free printable maze template that you can use alongside home staples like paper plates, colored pencils, and glue to create cute games from scratch.

Painted Block Puzzle

Courtesy Liz Stanley

Is this a DIY project or just cool geometric décor? Either way, we love this simple crafty game from Say Yes. Use acrylic paints to create simple shapes or letters for kids to put back together. Make sure to use a bold hue so blocks pop in the toy chest or on the living-room floor.

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