Do More With Your Vegetable Peeler

Slice slivers of cheese or chocolate
When you need cheese slivers that are thinner than you can cut with a knife, or you want to decorate a cake with fine curlicues of chocolate, reach for the vegetable peeler.

Sharpen your pencils
No pencil sharpener handy? A vegetable peeler will do a fine job of bringing your pencil to a point.

Soften hard butter fast
You’re ready to add the butter to your cake mix when you discover that the only sticks you have are as hard as a rock. When you need to soften cold, hard butter in a hurry, shave off what you need with a vegetable peeler. You’ll have soft butter in moments.

Renew scented soaps
Ornamental scented soaps are a great addition to the powder room because they make the room smell great as well as adding a decorative touch. But after a while, the surface of exposed ornamental soaps dries out, causing the scent to fade. To renew the scent, use a vegetable peeler to skim off a thin layer, revealing a new moist and fragrant surface.

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