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25 Eco-Friendly Products Available on Amazon

Want to do your part to buy eco-friendly products? Here's how to let companies know you care about the environment by the way you shop.


Eco-friendly fashion

Big with celebrities, Blu & Blue is a children's clothing line with fashion forward styles. Their "Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular" philosophy carries over into their environmentally friendly products—which are free of lead, phthalates, and chemical flame retardants. They use an in-house eco-friendly washing facility, and all their buttons are nickel free. These clothes are known for their comfortable fit, their butter-soft texture, and long-lasting colors. If you're wondering about the boom in organic baby clothing, here's why it's happening.

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Plant-based trash bags

Each box by Hippo Sak comes with 45 eco-friendly tall kitchen bags. Each trash bag holds 13 gallons—made from plant-based materials: sugar cane instead of fossil fuel. This product is guaranteed to be stronger than all leading brands, and the bags are puncture and leak proof. Likewise, they are 100 percent recyclable and made in the USA. These big companies are getting rid of plastic for good.

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Sprout pencils

Each five-pack by Sprout is made with eco-friendly wood and is lead-free. These pencils are non-toxic, biodegradable, and made from sustainably sourced materials. That means every time a tree is harvested, another one is planted. Plus, with each pencil, you get an encouraging quote and a set of seeds—just plant the stub in the ground and wait for fragrant herbs, beautiful flowers, or fresh veggies to grow. This holiday season, find more ways to be eco-friendly. 

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Biodegradable toothbrush set

These Hello Boo packs come with eight brushes; they're great for older children (eight years old and up) and adults. Each toothbrush is made with eco-friendly Moso bamboo and medium nylon bristles. Since bamboo grows quickly, it can be harvested in just a few short years. Also, this kind of bamboo is not a food source for pandas, so don't worry—they are still getting plenty to eat. Here are 20 more things you can clean with a toothbrush—besides your teeth.

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Reusable food wrap

You get small, medium, and large sizes from Le Concept Cook, and they're made of 100 percent organic cotton, with a natural solution of beeswax, pine tree resin, and cold pressed jojoba oil. These ingredients are antifungal and antibacterial—plus they smell great. This safe and natural food wrap can be used for up to one year, in place of aluminum foil or plastic. The two color patterns are earthy and fun and the packaging is also eco-friendly. Here are some other disposable products you should consider replacing with reusable ones.

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Reusable mesh bags

With nearly 1,000 five-star reviews, these nylon mesh bags by Naturally Sensible won't disappoint. Each set comes in a natural earth tone, edged on top with one of five colors: red, yellow, green, blue, or purple. Each bag measures 12 x 14 inches and is made of a lightweight nylon material. While these bags are great for produce such as bananas, lettuce, or carrots, they can also hold beach toys, toiletries, or lunch for the office. You could even use them as party favor bags.

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Reusable stainless steel straws

Ecotribe offers four metal straws, two wooden cases (crafted from beech wood), two cleaning brushes, and a carrying pouch, all together. This planet-friendly purchase will help reduce plastic straw waste—they're building up in landfills, waterways, and the ocean. Another bonus: These dishwasher-safe, rust-free straws offer a pure beverage flavor without any kind of aftertaste.

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Eco-friendly soap

Pure Castile soap by Seven Minerals comes in three varieties—unscented, sweet orange, and lemon. This USA-made soap comes from organic oils and natural vegan ingredients, and they're soothing and nourishing for your skin. It's also two to three times more concentrated than regular soaps and cleansers. Try some of these green cleaning products that housecleaners trust the most too.

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Earth-friendly bath bombs

Inteye sells a 24-pack of organic and natural bath bombs perfect for relaxation. You get four small boxes—each with six different colors and fragrances. Summer Dream, Morning Rose, and Ocean Pearl are among the choices, and all of the varieties are made eco-friendly ingredients such as organic grape seed oil, organic coconut oil, and shea and cocoa butters. Plus, they offer a 90-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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Chemical-free wool dryer balls

Shun those chemical-filled dryer sheets in favor of Kintor's XL six-pack of efficient dryer balls for around $10. These are safe for babies and people with sensitive skin, and they're made from 100 percent natural New Zealand wool. They shorten drying time, soften laundry, and reduce wrinkles and static cling. And you'll save money since you can reuse them (unlike traditional dryer sheets). Know the most toxic spring cleaning products you should avoid using.

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